While owning a car is a great investment, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people find owning a motorcycle more rewarding, and for good reasons:

  • It’s a head turner

    – Not all motorcycles have the “cool factor”, but you certainly don’t need to break the bank just to get one that has. For instance, you can buy a Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16 for a fraction of the price of a Bugatti Chiron.

  • Better fuel efficiency

    – Looking for ways to save at the pump? A motorcycle can get you to your destination swiftly and still have your tank more than half full on your way back.

  • Easy and less costly to maintain

    – It’s smaller than a car and all components that need tuning up are quite accessible, making cleaning and repair easier and cheaper.

  • Space-efficient

    – Going to town but hate looking for a place to park your car? Get a motorcycle and you won’t have to worry about this problem ever again.

  • You can go just about anywhere

    – Whether you want to visit the towns around the Sunshine Coast or explore the Springbrook wilderness, your motorcycle won’t let you down. It can take on trails you can only dream of surviving using your 4×4.

These are just some of the reasons why you might consider make the switch to a two-wheel ride. All these amazing perks, however, don’t make your motorcycle invincible against wear and damage. Over time, especially if you constantly use it off road to the outback, your motorcycle will have dings and scratches on every corner and its paintwork will have faded extensively.

motor cycle detailing shop

A trip to a motorcycle detailing shop on the Sunshine Coast every once in a while could help bring your bike back to its pristine state. And it’s not just for your own satisfaction that you should consider having your motorcycle detailed. There are some situations in which you will need a professional motorcycle detailing service more than ever.

  • You are planning to sell it

    – If you are planning to buy a new, pricier model and you don’t have enough to pay cash, you can opt to sell your current motorcycle to cover at least a portion of the cost. But to sell your unit for a high value, it needs some serious rejuvenation. A professional detailer can help you with that.

  • You sell used motorcycles

    – Want to boost your sales and produce more loyal customers? Then you should partner with a detailing shop to ensure that the units you are selling exceed expectations and go beyond what other dealerships do.

  • You are giving it as a gift

    – Planning to hand down your old motorcycle to your sibling or to a friend? It would definitely be a great idea to have it detailed first to eliminate as much signs of aging from its surface as possible.

  • You want to add it to your collection

    – Have you found a vintage motorcycle that you’d love to include in your collection? Better have it detailed first before displaying it in your showroom. That will certainly bring out the best in your new item.

This is to give you a better idea of how professional motorcycle detailing really works in hope of talking you out of doing the job on your own. After all, using home cleaning equipment and polishing agents is not enough to give your motorcycle its well-deserved makeover. Furthermore, you probably don’t have the necessary detailing skill. The last thing you want is to further damage your motorcycle with your limited knowledge about the right chemicals to use.

Wash-down and Decontamination

– It all starts with giving your motorcycle a nice bath. Your detailer will pressure wash your bike to remove excess dirt and debris that might get caught in the scrubber and scratch the surface. Then to remove the remaining dirt and stains, they will scrub them off using a high-quality microfiber or sheep’s skin wash mitt and special wash detergent. The cleaning agents they use are safe for your motorcycle but harsh enough to kill bacteria and microorganisms.

Snow Job

– Premier detailing shops like Clean Getaway go beyond conventional washing techniques to give motorcycles a better clean. They use an advanced technique called snow job, which involves the application of snow foam, a special cleaning agent that is strong enough to strip a motorcycle of all its waxes and sealants. It provides effective decontamination before the multi-stage methods of paint care and repair commence.

Engine Degreasing

– After a while, your motorcycle’s engine will have developed grease as dust combines with excess oil. If neglected, this grease can reduce the engine’s performance and hard particles from it might scratch the surface of the moving components. In detailing, all excess grease will be removed. Your detailers will clean the engine so thoroughly that you might think they’ve installed a new one.


– A large portion of your motorcycle consists of chrome parts. They give your motorcycle a shining and glittering look as well as protect the parts beneath them from corrosion. During detailing, your detailer will give them a nice polish using professional-grade metal polish to bring back their brand-new look. They will buff the surface thoroughly to remove scratches and dents that made the chrome parts appear worn down.

Paint Protection

– Finally, after all the cleaning and polishing, your motorcycle is now ready to wear its ultimate protection. Because the polish does not stand a chance against the harsh world outside the detailing shop, it needs extra protection. Most detailers use synthetic and ceramic paint protection to provide motorcycles with a shield that lasts for months on end.

The quality of a detailing service depends on many factors, foremost of which is the detailer’s expertise. If you want your investment to pay off, choose a reputable detailer with many years of experience. You may also perform a little bit of research about detailing to identify which techniques and products work best. If a detailer is using those techniques and products, such as Clean Getaway Car Detailing, then you know you found the perfect shop. And when asked how much does motorcycle detailing cost, they should be able to provide you with a reasonable answer.