Riding a motorcycle can sometimes turn more heads than riding a high-end car. All those fancy, boldly exposed gears and trims could give you the street cred you can only dream of getting when you’re in your auto. Like with a car, however, you can lose all that glory just as fast if you fail to take good care of your motorbike. Here are some practical ways to maintain your motorcycle and keep it as roadworthy as possible.

Learn More about Motorcycles

If you think you already know everything about motorcycles, chances are you’re mistaken. Even the hardiest bike buffs in the world still have spare rooms in their brains for more information about their hobby. The fact that manufacturers are bringing out new items on the market every year means there’s a lot more you probably don’t know.

Cultivating your motorcycle knowledge will help you understand how your motorcycle works, what potential issues you might encounter and how to address them, what to do and what not to do when purchasing parts and accessories, and a lot more that can improve your overall driving experience. Do your research. Find out the functions of each mechanical part. Join motor clubs and regularly interact with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

Keep the Tyres in Tiptop Shape

Next to the engine, your motorcycle’s tyres are the most important component. Without them, you can’t go anywhere, so it’s only fair that you give them more attention than other less important pieces attached to your hog. Make sure no large tears, holes, and cracks are cutting their friction on the road and the brake pads are still intact. Pressure and tread depth must also be within recommended levels. If you think your motorcycle tyres are no longer safe for long journeys, don’t hesitate to replace them.

Lube the Chain and Axle

Your bike’s chain plays a key role in your performance on the road. Keeping it well-oiled helps prevent rough gear shifting as well as snapping, which you don’t want to happen when you’re going beyond normal speed. Bike chains are designed to tolerate huge amounts of tension. In fact, even with their flimsy structure, they can take as much load as the weight of the bike itself. It’s best to always check your bike chain’s tensile strength so that you can
travel with confidence.

Change the Engine Oil Regularly

The engine of your motorcycle consists of hundreds of mechanical parts that constantly move and slide against each other. To minimise the friction produced by this movement, the parts must be lubricated with motor oil. Unfortunately, over time, dust and debris thicken the oil and reduce its lubricating power, which consequently lowers the engine’s performance. Experts advise that you change your motorcycle’s oil every 5000 kilometres not just to restore your bike’s performance but also to protect its engine from possible damage caused
by the foreign materials mixed with the old oil.

Take Your Bike to a Detailing Shop

For ultimate upkeep, just take your bike to an exclusive motorcycle detailing shop on the Sunshine Coast, such as Clean Getaway. With proven workmanship, they are your best bet for a professional detailer who can work wonders on your vehicle. Detailing isn’t just typical washing or cleaning but an in-depth restoration of your vehicle’s appearance, and can often improve its functionality, too.

Your motorbike detailing expert will meticulously inspect every nook and cranny of your motorcycle for dirt and immediately remove them. When you take out your bike from a detailing shop, it’ll look almost as if you bought a new one, which makes motorbike detailing undoubtedly a lucrative investment.