When you think of car maintenance, you probably imagine exterior washing, tyre changeover, and engine check. Very rarely do most car owners include their car’s interior in the upkeep plan. That’s probably because they think the interior doesn’t get as much damage as the exterior, considering that it isn’t exposed to the elements.

In truth, your car’s interior is just as vulnerable, although its deterioration comes from an entirely different set of sources ranging from spilled beverage to sharp object scratching the seats. The dirt you carry inside your car through your shoes and other items may also be responsible for your car interior’s grimy look and feel. Here are a few maintenance tips that you can follow.

Vacuum Regularly

Dust and soil are probably the most common types of dirt you will find in your car. No matter how hard you shake the dust off your shoes before entering your car, there will always be leftovers that will make it inside. You can get rid of this excess dirt and prevent it from accumulating inside your car through regular vacuuming. This can eradicate as much grime from underneath the floor mats and the top of seats as possible. In case you don’t have a vacuum readily available, some car washes have coin-operated vacuums that you can use.

Deep Clean the Upholstery

Whatever the vacuum fails to pick up eventually latches onto the surface of your car’s upholstery. Be it dust, oil, or sweat, it can seep deep into the fabric and stay there for a long time until you give the upholstery a thorough clean. Even leather can’t escape the penetrating power of grime so they need to be meticulously cleaned as well. That said, cleaning the interior upholstery is not only difficult but expensive as well. It requires special cleaning agents that are especially designed for extracting dirt from fabric or leather. Using regular detergent may have some serious impact on the quality of your car’s interior surfaces.

Wipe the Dashboard

The only thing that you will look at more frequently while you’re driving than your dashboard is your front view of the road. Indeed, the dashboard is the most conspicuous element inside your car, so it’s only fair to give it a sufficient amount of TLC. It’s also dangerous to allow dust to build up on the dashboard to a point that you can no longer see data from the meters. Vacuum every nook and cranny to remove as much excess dust as possible. You can also use a microfiber dust cloth to deal with tough grime.

Keep Windows Clean and Clear

Your car’s windows give you visibility while keeping harmful elements out at the same time. Keeping them clean and clear can help you avoid collision and let you enjoy the passing view. Make sure to get rid of smudges, fingerprints, and paw prints that might obstruct your visual and make your car look untidy. Use glass cleaner to clean your car’s windows to make sure you can remove as much stain as possible without damaging the panes.

Take Your Car to a Detailing Shop

If you doubt your ability to care for your car enough, to add more years to its lifespan don’t hesitate to take it out for professional car detailing. Established detailers on the Sunshine Coast, such as Clean Getaway, know the best way to rejuvenate your car’s interior and remove everything that makes it look old and unsightly.

Some detailers offer professional window tinting services, too. This is also an excellent way to preserve your car’s inner beauty. Tinting reduces the amount of UV rays that your car’s interior has to take during the day. UV rays are notorious for causing all kinds of pigmented surfaces to fade. With the help of a car detailer, which is also a car tinting service provider, you can give your car maximum protection from the sun.