Apart from your home and business, your car is one of your biggest investments. It’s only fair to make sure it stays good-looking and well-performing for as long as possible. While regular washing and tune-up could give it good hygiene, they can only do so much. They may not be able to handle wear, tear, stains, and other signs of aging that make your car look unattractive. That’s where car detailing comes in.

Car detailing is like car washing but several times more intense. It goes beyond conventional car cleaning service, covering both the interior and exterior surfaces of a car, leaving no stones unturned so to speak. If you really want to bring your vehicle back to its pristine state, you should consider having it detailed by a premiere detailing shop on the Sunshine Coast, such as Clean Getaway. Here are some of the plethora of benefits of professional car detailing that you can enjoy:

  • Suits Your Schedule

    – Car detailing has come a long way since the days when it could only be done in a dedicated workshop. Many car detailers these days can now do it at their customer’s home or workplace. This makes it more convenient, especially for car owners who don’t have the luxury of time to take and leave their vehicle to a detailing shop for eight hours to an entire day.

  • Save Money

    – A lot of you may argue that car detailing is a luxury service and that you’re actually wasting and not saving money. In truth, if you do the math between the repair work and parts replacement you’ll need down the road because your car did not get proper care and maintenance, it’s a lot of money to compare with how much you’ll spend on professional detailing, which is actually designed to prolong a car’s life expectancy.

  • Keep Your Car Looking New

    – A car detailer will not just clean your vehicle from the inside out, but they will also restore every nook and cranny to its original appearance. Car detailing is the equivalent of anti-aging techniques many aging adults are using without the need to wait for months to see results. You can see the results of car detailing almost instantly, or after you take it out from the workshop to be exact.

  • Prevents Further Damage to Your Car

    – They say that a car’s value drops very quickly, and one of the influencing factors is the damage it sustains from regular use. It’s not surprising to see dents and scratches on your car after hours of non-stop travel. Thankfully, these types of damage can easily be fixed through car detailing. And because most detailers end the process with the application of wax, synthetic, or ceramic paint protection, your car will be more resistant to these damages in the future.

Now that you know how car detailing can help you protect one of your biggest investments, the only thing left to do is to go to a detailing shop and book a service. But before that, it helps to first understand how car detailing really works. That way you’ll know whether or not your car is in good hands and you won’t be too surprised to see your vehicle totally transformed after the detailing is done. Here’s what you can expect a car detailer would do to your vehicle.

Thorough Vacuum

It’s important to note that during detailing, your car will be spruced up from the inside out. If you have important stuff in your car, make sure to stash them away before heading to the detailing shop. The interior of your vehicle, particularly the carpet and seats, will be thoroughly vacuumed to eliminate dust and allergens. Even the boot will not be left unvacuumed.

Shampoo Wash

After a full vacuum of your car’s interior, your car will get a full shampoo wash using products from the leading brands. This method further cleans your car’s carpet and seats, extracting dirt and soil cemented deep within the piles. The exterior will be thoroughly shampooed, too, to get rid of any particles that might get in the way during paint correction. Your detailer will make sure that all corners, grooves, and crevices are washed down and dried.


While vacuuming and shampooing are part of the overall decontamination process, there’s one cleaning method top detailers consider key to a car’s decontamination. That method is called snow job. It involves covering the car with a thick foam made from a purpose-specific group of detergents capable of loosening and removing the grit and grime that dwells on the car. This is by far the most effective way to prepare a car for the multi-stage methods of paint care and repair that lie ahead.

Tar Removal

There are different types of dirt and stain that could accumulate on your car. Most of them are easy to remove, while some require special cleaning techniques. Tar and bugs, for instance, are particularly difficult to remove. Insects contain acidic fluids in their gut, which can slowly corrode your car’s surface. Your car is also constantly exposed to specks of asphalt, tire rubber, grease, and oils when it hits the road. Only a skilled detailer can deal with this damage with care.

Paint Protection

Finally, after making sure that your car is completely cleaned and polished, your detailer will proceed with the application of car paint protection. Top detailing shops like Clean Getaway use not just any other product but the best ceramic coat car paint protection available. Compared to conventional wax and synthetic products, ceramic paint protection offers better durability and gloss.

It helps to have basic knowledge of car detailing before heading to a detailing shop. If you want to learn more about the process, where to look when you need immediate service, or how long does ceramic paint protection last, call any of the best detailing shops in your area. That way you can compare prospective shops at the same time.