With so many car detailers on the Sunshine Coast, it’s almost impossible to identify the most reliable ones. One indicator that you should look at is the type of car paint protection they use. Reliable detailers only use superior brands and wouldn’t conceal this information from their clients. In contrast, unreliable shops use traditional, low-quality products and hide it from clients to avoid complaints, which is actually a form of rip-off.

A good example of paint protection you should find in a car detailing shop is the Opti-Coat Pro+. For almost 20 years, Opti-Coat has been developing ceramic coatings that bring out the brightest sheen in car paint while providing excellent underneath surface protection at the same time. Here’s some information to give you a good sense of what the most current Opti-Coat products can do for your vehicle.


Opti-Coat Pro+ is especially formulated to provide your car’s factory clear coating with a permanent shield. It won’t break down or de-laminate when exposed to UV rays and other natural forces like conventional sealants and waxes. When viewed through a microscope, you’ll realise that the shield provided by Opti-Coat Pro+ is up to a hundred times thicker than that of wax. With this thickness, you can expect Opti-Coat Pro+ to last for many years without the need for restoration.

Prevents Chemical Etching

One of the biggest enemies of car paint is nature. It can throw literally anything on your vehicle from bird droppings to tree sap, which are usually abrasive enough to etch your car paint. With Opti-Coat Pro+, however, your car paint is fully protected against the elements. The chemical composition of Opti-Coat Pro+ is specially designed to repel any harsh substances, making it almost indestructible.

High Gloss

Who wouldn’t want their vehicle fully polished with no signs of dents and scratches, right? Applying Opti-Coat Pro+ on your car not only provides an excellent shield for its factory paint but it also provides a stunning gloss, nothing like the ordinary sheen your car gets after a trip to the car wash. Even wax gloss pales in comparison to the gloss of Opti-Coat Pro+. It’s no wonder many drivers are drawn to detailers that use this superior paint protection product.

Suitable Even for Hard Plastic Surfaces

You may think that Opti-Coat Pro+ is only for the exterior surface of your vehicle, particularly for its steel body. However, it’s not just metal surfaces that it polishes and protects, but hard plastic surfaces as well. Most vehicles don’t have plastics on the outside, but they have a lot of plastics inside them that can actually benefit from this unique feature.

You don’t have to apply Opti-Coat Pro+ on your car by yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t try it if you don’t have the right training and equipment needed for such task. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do a great job. Let the experts from top detailers like Clean Getaway do it for you.

Opti Coat PRO+ vs Alternative Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings

There are various (often ‘discount’) alternatives to Opti-Coat Pro+ out there that may also be tempting to try instead. However, it’s important to look past the marketing hype from any particular brand, and instead focus on what independent third-party researching groups say on the matter, so that you can be sure you’re getting an objective opinion. As the only ceramic paint coating given the tick of approval by not only Boeing, but also having been tested by Australia’s highest scientific body – the CSIRO, it helps show that the difference between products is real, and it explains why the team at Clean Getaway are so passionate about using it to protect your cars, motorbikes and work vans.

So, is Opti Coat PRO+ really worth it? Yes! It absolutely is.