Whether you’re prepping your car for resale or you’re taking care of a keeper, using the right car wash product has a big impact on the outcome. While it may be tempting to use everyday household products, many do more harm than good when it comes to keeping their car clean.

Why is a dedicated soap important when it comes to car detailing?

Household cleaning products such as hand soap, dishwashing liquid, and other types of detergent are not formulated for use on car paintwork. As washing up liquid contains bleach and ammonia, it’s particularly toxic. Both chemicals break down the waxy seal that covers your car paintwork, exposing it to the elements and incurring the risk of damage when you wash it in the future. Once such damage is incurred, your car’s paintwork may either begin to look dull or it will start to crack.

What are the alternatives to using everyday soaps when washing your car?

There are plenty of dedicated car wash products out there that protect car paintwork, but you may also want to consider using a professional car detailing service on the Sunshine Coast. In addition to using the right products, such services utilise materials that are friendly to your car’s paintwork. As a result, your car’s paintwork is protected for longer, allowing you to retain more value and reduce the risk of damage.

What else can you do to protect your car’s paint?

Rather than waiting until there’s a visible layer of dirt accumulating on your car before washing it, set a regular time to keep it clean. When dirt gets too thick, the force you put into washing your car may also cause damage to the clear coat and paint work underneath. It’s especially important to remove elements such as bird poo and dust as you go along, as they may damage the car’s finish when left to settle in. Try using separate cloths and sponges for the wheels and the paintwork to reduce the risk of transferring debris. When you’re done, make sure to wipe all surfaces with a drying towel to avoid water spotting on the paintwork.

If you rarely have the time to tend to your car, always remember that mobile car detailing services are available. In addition to using the right soaps, car detailing services include little extras that really allow your vehicle to sparkle.


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