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Should I Buy A Classic Mustang, and Other Pressing Questions

We’ve all seen the films. You know the kind - Nicholas Cage redlining a beautiful Shelby GT500 as he soars (somewhat unrealistically) over dozens of cars and lands with enough grace on the other side that he can keep driving. Tilly Masterson racing a Mustang Convertible against James Bond’s Aston Martin, marking the on-screen debut of the iconic American Muscle [...]

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What Does Car Window Tinting Do for My Vehicle

What Does Car Window Tinting Do for My Vehicle Before WWII broke out in the early 1940s, cars had either fully transparent glass windows or no windows at all. The advent of tinted car windows, however, had nothing to do with the war, except from the fact that it gave a little bit of security to people of stature at [...]

2020-01-14T18:46:02+10:00December 14th, 2019|Blog, Info Articles|

Ceramic Coating vs Sealant vs Wax: A Consumer’s Guide to Car Paint Correction and Protection

Can you explain the difference between sealants, car coatings, paint corrections, and the stuff they try to sell you at the dealership? These are examples of car paint protection for cars. Have you heard of the ceramic coating vs sealant vs wax rivalry that has been going around in the automotive industry since time immemorial? When your car is painted, [...]

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How to Maintain Your New Tesla Model 3

... and other fun facts about it! Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity as the technology gets better and better. There are countless models available, like the Nissan Leaf, the Hyundai Kona Electric, and of course, the range of Teslas. Once a futuristic concept, the electric car is no longer a boxy, sluggish car with barely any range. Today, electric [...]

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What Is the Best Way to Wax a Car

Waxing is the oldest paint finishing technique used in vehicle detailing, which dates back to the early 1800s when cars weren’t even around yet. It was first used to protect and prolong the lustre of the lacquer-like paint on horse carriages. When Mercedes Benz started mass producing petrol-powered vehicles nearly a century later, waxing became even more popular, mainly because [...]

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Car Tinting Tips: Signs It’s Time to Have New Car Tints Installed

No one can deny that having tinted windows and windshields elevates the aesthetic of any car. Car tinting, however, is more than just aesthetics. Car tints also have practical uses, including reducing glare and regulating the absorption of solar heat through the windows. These two qualities are especially important for car owners in places that see a lot of sunny [...]

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Everything You Need to Know about Auto Detailing

Owning a fleet of vehicles means that you need people to drive them! Not everyone has the same level of cleanliness and without proper maintenance the vehicles can deteriorate quickly and can break down over time. Not only will the vehicle be unpleasant to drive due to being dirty, it’s also a poor reflection of a business when trying to [...]

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Car Detailing FAQs Part 7

And here we are, at Part 7 (the finale) of our FAQ Series, where we sit down and answer your most common questions about car detailing. The list comprised of 100 questions that you have pondered about car detailing. You can find part 6 here. If you would like to have the last of your questions answered, read on! Can [...]

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Car Detailing FAQs Part 6

Would you look at that? We’re already on to Part 6! You can find part 5 here. We’ve been sorting through an intensive list of Car Detailing Frequently Asked Questions, to help give you the answers you’ve been longing for. We are continuing our series today with more of your pressing questions about car detailing. Grab a good cup of [...]

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Is Carnauba Wax Good Protection for My Car? Benefits of Carnauba Car Wax

It feels like since the beginning of time Carnauba wax has been around! Everyone wants their car to be waxed with Carnauba to ensure that the paint is protected from the sun and bird droppings. When you stroll into an auto store such as Super Cheap Auto or Autobarn, you’ll most likely be recommended to purchase some kind of wax [...]

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