Sun, sand and surf makes it all worth it to be on the Sunshine Coast. The very things that make this part of Australia a fantastic place to live, however, can also make your car suffer.

Strong sunlight might make paintwork sparkle, but it will also cause the colours to fade over time. Exterior and interior plastics are also affected, losing their colour and becoming brittle. Sand and dust scrape away at paintwork, dulling the shine and leaving the metal underneath exposed to the elements and vulnerable to corrosion. Stone chips also create weak spots for rust to take hold, as well as chipping and cracking windscreens and windows. Refreshing sea breezes carry salt, which encourages rust to develop.

Even the insects that splatter your windscreen and paintwork can be more than an annoyance. Their bodies contain acid, which harms vehicle paint, causing it to dissolve. Tar is another hazard on the roads, clinging to bodywork and wheel rims, and difficult to remove without professional help.

All this means that car detailing on the Sunshine Coast is about more than just for cosmetic purposes. You might want to consider adding this to your regular car wash routine every once in a while. Thorough washing and cleaning, including treatment with a clay bar, removes dirt, salt, bugs, and tar, leaving a smooth, clean surface. Of course, one should not forget about waxing, polishing and treatment of the wheels, plastic trim and seats as these also help preserve the car. Careful, thorough treatment can even get rid of the scratches and marks that can be left behind by poor cleaning in the past.

Car paint protection should also keep your paintwork pristine for a long time. Just be sure to choose a permanent ceramic coating that will prevent chips and fading. This is an ideal option especially for owners of newer cars on the Sunshine Coast who want to keep that fresh-from-the-dealership look.

With the paintwork and plastics guarded from weather and road debris, your car is less likely to need expensive bodywork repairs later on. More than likely, it will hold its resale value better than a car with damaged or discoloured paint. A regular cleaning schedule also leaves your car easier to clean than one which has gone for a long time without proper attention, saving time and money in the long run.


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