People who need cars for their daily activities may think about investing in a new vehicle or to trade in their existing ride for it. A trade-in may be a good choice to reduce the payment you’ll need for the prospect vehicle, but is it really worth the appraisal value?

Some action on the car detailing front may be needed to get as high a dollar value as possible, preferably through specialists from the Sunshine Coast such as Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing.

Outside Looking In

A trade-in will primarily require a cursory inspection of the car’s exterior and interior. Much thought and planning will go into the effort, and a good trade-in value may not be realised if there are some spots missing.

Bodywork – Trade-in dealers need the car’s body to be in prime condition despite the regular wear and tear. Your detailing service will use the most advanced body and paint maintenance systems available to restore the body’s lustre. This involves decontaminating the paint of any foreign matter and rebuffing the body against water build-up and X-rays.

Interior – Nothing turns off a car trade-in professional than a vehicle whose interior reeks of all manner of substances. Consult your detailing team about a package that provides full shampooing of the interior and a leather upholstery treatment option. The latter can be of sound value to owners of luxury cars, which often have leather seats and accents.

The Inner Workings

The car may look sparkling good on the outside, but can things be just as okay under the bonnet? Some quarters recommend that you must have the car’s engine fixed up to be in the best condition, even if your preferred car dealership has their own maintenance programmes. Hire a licenced mechanic to look over and test the engine.

The detailing aspects of the engine also bear much notice. A few trade-in dealers or even private buyers appreciate the prospect of an engine that’s well-maintained and sports a clean appearance. A mobile car detailing company like Clean Getaway can address this through a comprehensive package that includes an engine detail option, which can also do wonders for vehicles that must be of car show exhibit quality.

A vehicle that looks and feels in good shape can be of great benefit to you coming into a dealership for a trade-in. A preferred car detailing team just might have the advantage you’re looking for.

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