Welcome to Part 3 of our series! Each month, we’re going through Google’s top and most pressing questions about Car Detailing! We’ve enlisted the help of our beloved IT guru and he has gone out into the murky mire that is the internet and hunted down the questions you’ve been asking, so that we answer them for you. If you missed Part 2 – you can get up to speed here

We know that Car Detailing isn’t everyone’s passion like it is ours. Not everyone stays awake at night thinking about waxes, polishes, and cleaning materials. Most people have pictures of their family hanging in the halls of their home – we have pictures of cars. And like proud parents, when people walk into our homes, we take them through the family album of cars we love and adore.

You might not be like that and that’s cool with us. We don’t judge. But we do know you have questions. So let’s get down to it. Sit down, strap in and let’s take this from 0 to 100 in 4.4 seconds.

Does car detailing include wax?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to this question. It entirely depends on the company that you’re planning to use, and the different types of packages that they provide. At Clean Getaway, not every car detailing package includes waxes, but that’s mostly because they don’t need to. Waxing your car isn’t a mandatory, every-time-you-wash-it type of thing. It has a purpose – usually enhancing the paint’s shine – and typically, a wax coat has a lifespan, so waxing isn’t always necessary. You can, however, bank on having some form of protective layer applied to your car when it is washed at Clean Getaway.  Every exterior washing service is complemented with a synthetic drying aid which leaves a wax-like protective layer on your paintwork.


Can I wax my car every week?

While you can, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. As stated above, waxing serves a purpose. It can help to increase the shine and finish of your paint, and also provide a coat or barrier, almost like a glove, over your car in order to protect it from the elements, debris, and other little bits of dirt that can cause damage. Wax has a lifespan and doesn’t fade away the next day (the good ones, anyway), so it really doesn’t need to be done every week. It’s a better idea to follow the instructions on your wax container if you’re doing it at home, or to ask your car detailer what they think.

The more often you wax your car from home, the more opportunities you’re providing to create swirls or scratch marks on your paint. So, while there’s no specific rule against waxing your car every week, it just really isn’t necessary, and could end up with you accidentally doing more harm than good.


Should you wax a new car?

While it would be nice if you could be sure that every time you bought a new car, it was already washed, waxed and ready to go, this isn’t always the case. So, waxing your new car is fine. Twenty years ago, it was definitely not fine. Back then, the paint on your car needed to cure. The good news it that nowadays, it’s already done at the factory, so there’s no risk in waxing your brand new car. Of course, you want to make sure you’re very careful so you don’t end up with swirls or scratches straight off the bat, but waxing a new car is perfectly fine. Remember to follow these tips:

  • Use a good wax
    • You’ve just spent a good amount of your hard earned money on this car, so the last thing you want to do is use inferior products on it and end up doing more harm than good. Make sure you invest in a good wax, and seek the advice of professionals if you’re not sure what wax is right for your car.
  • Clean, clean, clean!
    • Make sure you use a clean applicator to apply the wax and devoid of any build up of dirt or debris. If small particles get trapped in the applicator, you can end up vigorously rubbing those sharp particles all over your car. That’s how swirls and scratch marks happen.


How often should you wax your car?

This is a question with countless answers depending on who you ask, but the general rule is every 2 months in the dry season and monthly in the rainy season. However, it’s probably best to follow the advice on the tin of wax, as each wax consists of a different make up and has different rules for ideal application.

Otherwise, if you would like to leave waxing your car to the professionals, you can ask the team here at Clean Getaway how often they think waxing is right for your car.


How do I take care of my car interior?

Taking care of your car interior is often one of the things car owners neglect to do the most. We don’t neglect to fill our car up with fuel, or keep air in the tyres, and we’ll even wash it to keep it shining and beautiful on the outside, but taking care of the inside can often fall by the wayside.

There are a few different ways that you, at home, can take care of the interior of your car to keep it in good repair for as long as possible.

  • Use car seat covers
    • Using car seat covers can be a good way to protect the fabric, and especially the leather, of a vehicle’s seats. In busy lives, it’s easy to treat the interior of your car roughly, and having car seat covers can help to protect them and increase the lifespan.
  • Emptying out rubbish daily
    • We live a lot of our lives in our cars and this can mean that we end up filling it with rubbish, old food packets, papers, bags and even things that actually belong inside the house. This is particularly true when our vehicles are family oriented. A simple way to keep the inside of your car in good repair is to empty out the unnecessary items at the end of every day.
  • Clean the windshield
    • The inside of your windshield can build up with grime and dust really quickly, and often we don’t even realise it. Giving it a good wipe over at the end of every week can keep it nice and transparent, like it should be.
  • Wipe over the interior with a clean cloth
    • Every week, take a clean cloth and a quality cleaning product and wipe over the interior of your car, paying particular attention to the high traffic areas, like the handbrake, steering wheel, indicators, gear stick and dashboard. This can prevent a major dust build up and keep it looking clean, and using a product is extremely important as not only will it help clean the surface, it also acts as a lubricant to help avoid causing scratches.

Does car detailing get rid of scratches?

The answer to whether or not car detailing gets rid of scratches is simple, yet complicated – it can, but if the scratches are too deep, it might not. Typically, scratches and swirls are a result of a poor wash and dry job, where dirt has gotten trapped in the wash mit, sponge (or dare we say broom), and you’ve accidentally rubbed that all around on your car, or as a result of the elements. In most cases, where the scratches and swirls are not too severe, a good car detailing job can get rid of up to 90% of visible scratches and swirls, but it is worth remembering that sometimes the damage is too deep, and a new paint job is the only way forward.


Why do cars rust?

Exposure to iron, oxygen, or water is the simple answer. Typically, in places like the Sunshine Coast, the main reason for cars to rust is because of the salt and water content in the air. This eats away at the car and causes rust. If you live near the beach, you’ll actually notice this in other areas of your life – perhaps in a metal bedframe, or outdoor metal bench.

In other areas, particularly North America and Europe, the biggest reason for rust is the snow. However, here in Australia, that’s not typically a problem we face!


That brings us to the end of Part Three of our Car Detailing Frequently Asked Questions for this month. Hopefully, we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions about Car Detailing, and if we haven’t, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team here at Clean Getaway and we’ll be able to look at your specific needs and talk to you about exactly what we can do for you and how we can help to get your car glinting in the sunshine like it should be. Our experienced staff love to bring a car back to life, so don’t hesitate to call or send us an email.

Clean Getaway can help with all of your car detailing needs, with a number of packages suitable for every vehicle and every budget. Let the team here at Clean Getaway give your car the treatment that it deserves. We’re just a phone call away, and we can even come to you!