If you’ve been following along, you might now that we’re up to Part 4 of our decadent series on Car Detailing Frequently Asked Questions, which aims to answer, you guessed it, questions that are frequently asked about car detailing. If you missed Part 3 – you can get up to speed here

How did we get these questions you might ask? Well, we know a man, who knows a man who knows a man… Or, we picked up the phone and asked our favourite IT geek to find Google’s top questions on car detailing for us. Then, like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, he took one small step into the internet, and emerged with one giant leap into the world of answers.

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions you ask Google when it comes to car detailing and we’ve set out to answer them over our series. So, sit back, put on your space suit, and get ready to glide through the answers to your top questions.

Will detailing remove swirl marks?

The short answer to this question is that, yes, it can. But if the damage is too severe, it might not get rid of all of it. Exterior detailing is a very intensive process that works on countless different areas and levels of the outside of your car. Getting rid of unsightly swirl marks is one of areas an exterior detail can work on. In most cases, car detailing can remove up to 90% of swirls on your car’s paint job. However, if the damage is too severe, such as oxidation that has eaten through the clear coat, your car may require a repaint.


Are car washes bad for your car?

There are two ways to look at this, so we’ll break it down into both.

  1. Are automatic car washes (like the ones you drive through) bad for your car?
    • A lot of these systems use very abrasive cleaners, material and brushes. This alone can cause damage, but when you add the fact that these are high-traffic systems that pass car after car after car through, those brushes and cleaners can be full of the last car’s dirt and grime. This can cause scratches and swirls on your paint. If you would like to go through an automatic car wash, use a laser car wash instead, where no brush actually touches your car. This is better, but if an employee comes over and gives your car a bit of a hand polish and buff at the end, you run the same risk of having the last car’s dirt on the cloth he’s using for your car.
  2. Is it bad to wash your car at home?
    • The short answer is no. However, there are some things to be aware of to make sure that you aren’t causing more harm than good.
      • Ensure you’re using clean cloths at all times to avoid trapped dirt scratching your car
      • Use quality cleaners that are specifically designed for your type of vehicle. Definitely no dishwashing detergent.
      • Wash your car out of the hot sun to avoid direct heat drying your cleaners and soapy water, before you’ve had a chance to remove it.

What do you need to detail a car?

A professional! Ha. Little professional car detailer joke there for you. While we do recommend having your car detailed solely by a professional, let’s assume this question is talking about people who want to detail their car on their own.

You’ll need these:

  • Mircofibre Wash Mitt
    • Ensure you’re using a clean, high quality microfibre wash mitt on your vehicle’s paintwork to help reduce the chances of scratching or causing swirls. It’s real important to use a different wash mitt for your wheels and underbody.
  • Microfibre Towels
    • You’ll also need plenty of clean microfibre towels or cloths. Again, this is not something you want to use for multiple different applications. You need to ensure you’re using a bunch of towels, to ensure that you’re not spreading dirt, grime and other particulates around that could cause damage to your paint.
  • Mircofibre Drying Towel – Not a Chamois
    • Invest in a high quality drying towel – it’s totally worth it. This can make or break your car detailing experience. You don’t want to end up with horrible swirls and scratches because of a cheap chamois that does more damage than good. We know the chamois has been around since Adam and Eve but the drying towel is far more efficient, safer and has amazing performance.
  • Top of the Line Cleaning Products
    • This is really important. It’s imperative that you go to your local car shop and ask them what products are best for your type of vehicle. Cheap cleaning products can end up damaging your paint, so ensure you invest in quality range and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Exterior and Interior Cleaning Tools
    • As a general rule, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the right cloths, brushes and cleaning supplies to clean the exterior and interior of your car properly. From microfibre cloths to gentle brushes that can reach places a cloth can’t, invest in good quality materials.
  • Good Vacuum cleaner
    • A good vacuum cleaner will make your job of cleaning the floors and mats of your car a lot easier. You’d be surprised the difference simply vacuuming can do to the inside of your car.
  • Washing liquid
    • Yes, that’s right! You can’t use cheap washing powder to clean your microfibre cloths.  If you have cloths that are still embedded with dirt or wax resin they can potentially harm your vehicles surface. Buy decent quality washing liquid!

What is the best thing to clean car interior with?

We recommend using a plush microfibre cloth for the inside surface of your car.  Microfibre cloths are strong, but gentle on the variety of surfaces that can be found inside different vehicles. There are some excellent cleaners available in stores that can do a fantastic job on the interior of your car, and complementing these cleaners with the humble microfibre cloth is the way to go. If you’d prefer a more natural approach to the interior of your car, there are a number of useful essential oils that, when placed in some warm water, can do wonders for the inside of your car. For example:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Citrus
  • Lavender


Is it bad to wash your car too much?

Bad is a strong word. We wouldn’t say that washing your car is bad, it just provides ample opportunity to accidentally cause damage when what you really wanted to do was clean. Cleaning your car regularly is a way that waxes and polishes can be stripped back more quickly, so you will need to keep this in mind if you want to wash your car very regularly. You may need to apply a new coat of wax and polish more often than normal.  If you’re using a wash such as the Bowdens Own Wax Wash, you are continually ensuring that there is wax on your car as it is infused in this product.  Using products that complement your vehicle is highly recommended!

It’s also worth keeping in mind that you need to be extra careful when you wash your car to ensure that you don’t fall into any of the pitfalls that can befall home car washers. Make sure you use plenty of clean materials to make sure that you aren’t spreading any dirt, stones or particulates around.


Is it bad to wash your car every day?

Well, it’s not going to shrivel up and perish like a prune, but the more you wash your car, the more opportunities you’re creating to actually damage it. Washing a car is not really a simple, uninspiring task. There are a lot of thing to take into consideration to ensure that you’re doing it properly. So, the more you wash it, there more chances there are for you to make a mistake.

Also, excessive washing can end up stripping back the wax and polish, creating more work for yourself and also providing opportunities for dirt, grime and filth to break through.



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