Would you look at that? We’re already on to Part 6! You can find part 5 here. We’ve been sorting through an intensive list of Car Detailing Frequently Asked Questions, to help give you the answers you’ve been longing for.

We are continuing our series today with more of your pressing questions about car detailing. Grab a good cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and read on.

How do I protect my car from scratches?

There are a number of ways that you can protect your car from scratches, and we’ll look at two of the most important.

Wash It Carefully – washing your car is a prime time for scratches to occur because of the build up of dirt, small stones and other debris that can get caught in the washcloths or sponges that you use. Make sure that you always have a good number of clean cloths and sponges at the ready when you’re washing your car and don’t use the same cloth for two different purposes. Give your car a ‘pre-wash’ before you wash it properly, to get rid of any loose contaminates that are a potential hazard to your paint job.

Use a Good Quality Wax – Using a good quality wax can help to protect your car from all sorts of different contaminates that can cause damage and scratches to your car’s paint job. Applying the wax properly (usually by following the instructions on the container) can help to add a valued layer of protection to your vehicle, and safeguard your paint against unsightly scratches.

How can I protect my car from damage?

Hmm. This is a bit of an obscure one, so we’ll answer it in a way that covers as many bases as possible.

  1. Drive carefully
    • It goes without saying, but driving carefully is an excellent way to avoid damaging your car while you’re driving it. As far as it’s possible, try to drive in areas that are conducive to keeping your paint protected. Avoid fresh roads with loose bitumen, if you can, and try not to drive through roadworks if at all possible. Take your care through the safest areas possible, to avoid damage from the outside world.
  2. Use a Car Cover
    • Using a car cover can be a great way to protect your paint from the elements, particularly the sun. The sun can be a huge cause of fading paint, and using a good quality cover can protect it from those harmful UV Rays. It can also protect it from bird droppings and sap from trees that can come from an unfortunate parking space.
  3. Wash it Properly and Regularly
    • Washing it in a way as described above, by using plenty of clean towels, cloths and sponges, and a good quality cleaner, can help to protect your paint and keep it in good repair.
  4. Use a Good Quality Wax
    • A good quality wax can help to protect your car from the elements and provide an added layer between your car and the great outdoors. Applying a good wax can reduce the chances of scratches, build up, and contaminates affecting the paint.
  5. Have it detailed regularly
    • Having your car detailed regularly can protect your car from unsightly build up that can cause damage to your car. It can also prolong the life of your paint, and the interior of your vehicle.
  6. Have it Regularly Serviced
    • Keeping your car up to date on its services is a really good way of protecting it from expensive repairs that could be otherwise avoidable. It can also help when or if it comes time to sell your car, because buyers love to hear that a car has never missed a service.
  7. Consider Ceramic Coating
    • We’ll go into detail about ceramic coating in the next few questions, so for now, let’s just say it’s a good way to protect your car from damage.

What is ceramic paint protection?

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that your professional car detailer can apply by hand to the outside of your car. This coating bonds with the factory paint and forms a protective layer. It’s like a premium alternative to waxing, that can provide much greater protection. The good thing about a Ceramic Coating is that it is semi- to permanent, so you don’t have to keep applying it every couple of months. It doesn’t wash away, so you can rest easy knowing your car is covered, wash after wash.

Is ceramic coating good for your car?

Using a Ceramic Coating can be an excellent way to protect your car from the elements, but it’s not without its warnings. Applying it on your own can be an utter disaster, so having a professional apply it can be a great way to protect and safeguard yourself from having expensive issues you really don’t want to deal with.

Ceramic Coatings have a number of fantastic benefits, namely that it acts as a barrier between your car and the elements around it. Since it is more of a permanent solution to waxing, Ceramic Coatings can be a really great way of giving your car a more permanent type of protection. This can help to fend off scratches and damage, as well as fading paint.

Is ceramic coating safe?

Like any car cleaning, waxing or polishing material, it’s not something you should put in your mouth. Doing so can result in some seriously deadly consequences. As far as whether or not its safe for the vehicle, we highly suggest having it done by a professional only. Because of the level of difficulty in application as well as the permanence of the end result, applying your own Ceramic Coating can result in terrible consequences if it isn’t done just right. If a ceramic coating needs to be removed, it should definitely be done by professionals, or you can end up doing damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Is ceramic coating permanent?

Yes, for the most part, it is. Ceramic Coating has to be removed via an abrasive process, so applying and removing a Ceramic Coating is definitely not something that we recommend doing on your own. It doesn’t wash away when you have your car washed or detailed, as it forms a chemical bond with paint.

Does ceramic coating reduce heat?

Yes, it can. Ceramic Coatings, when applied to your exhaust, for example, can reduce the thermal cycle and surface temperatures. Alternatively, when applied to your bonnet, since it seriously reduces the exterior temperature, it can help to protect your engine and other sensitive parts under the hood from the sun’s baking rays.

Does ceramic coating prevent scratches?

Yes, it can. Ceramic Coating is basically like waxing on steroids. In the same way that applying wax to your car when it needs it can help to reduce the risk of or prevent scratches, a Ceramic Coating can do the same thing. This added layer of protection should by no means be considered a total protection from any and all scratches and threats to your car’s paint, but it is definitely a good layer of protection that can help to give you some extra peace of mind.

Is it worth getting paint protection on a new car?

Absolutely! Your paint is a very important part of your car. Not only is it nice to look at, but it is what protects the material underneath. Poor paint work can drastically affect the lifespan of your car and even the resale price if you ever want to sell it. Investing in good paint protection can help to keep your paint in good repair, thus avoiding costly repairs. Driving around in a car with a faded or oxidized paint can even reduce credibility for business people, so protecting your paint is a must.  The most important part is knowing which ceramic coating to have applied to your car which is why it’s incredibly important to do your research.


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