The Sunshine Coast hosts different garages that can offer quality auto services. A car is an important asset that should be protected and maintained well to ensure that the vehicle both runs well and looks good. Car detailing and paint protection are among services that will help your car to remain as clean as new.

Car detailing

Thorough cleaning can boost the value of a car and helps to restore the lost beauty of the vehicle. Professional car detailing from garages are able to restore the body to look like a recently bought car from the showroom. It involves cleaning the body and wheels, leaving them looking like new. Stubborn stains are also removed with the help of special cleaners.

Many professional detailers, such as Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing, will also touch the interiors to restore worn out parts and upgrade others. For tight interior areas like corners, car detailing professionals use wood skewers and cotton swabs. Old make up brushes can also be helpful for such cleaning.

Car paint protection

If you love your car, you definitely want to have any scratches and peeled paint addressed as soon as possible. Car paint protection is a quick solution that will keep your worries away. Paint protection technology uses paint protection film (a thermoplastic urethane film), which is applied to protect the car from scratches and destruction of impact.

On the Sunshine Coast, many garages offer paint protection and will leave your car sparkling and ever clean. Many garages in the Sunshine Coast that offer this service are capable of protecting the most vulnerable parts like the bumpers, hoods, fenders and side mirrors.

Using paint protection film offers several benefits like keeping a vehicle’s good looks, protecting the car’s surface and preserving the paint. The thermoplastic urethane film used in paint protection is invisible and enhances the exterior look of the vehicle. Over time, if you find it necessary to remove the protection, the film can easily be peeled off. You can then have a new coat of film applied to the body of your car for continued protection.

If your car could use a touch up, do not hesitate to drop by an auto detailing garage in the Sunshine Coast. Professional detailers can easily make your car look like the day it came off the assembly line.

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