One of the best ways to upgrade the luxury factor of any car is to have leather upholstery installed on the seats. Not only do they look good, but they also offer a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers – a good quality to have when taking long drives around the Sunshine Coast.

Of course, leather seats offer more than just an aesthetic upgrade. High-quality leather seats are known to resist a variety of common stains when compared to cloth seat covers or similar upholstery. Additionally, leather car seats do not absorb odours as quickly as fabric cloth seats. Despite these two qualities, leather car seats still do take quite a beating with everyday use. To ensure your seats can stand up to the challenge, it’s important that you bring them to a professional detailer that specialises in leatherwork, such as Clean Getaway Car Detailing in Warana. If you’re unable to get your car (or bike) to their workshop easily, Clean Getaway’s mobile car detailing service options mean they can even come to you instead.

Car detailing is more than just sprucing up the exterior. A good car detailer can also help with the interior; in this case, your leather car seats. In fact, a thorough job can easily help restore your leather seats back to near-mint condition.

After having professional work done, it’s only natural that you want your leather car seats to look great for as long as possible. In such cases, here are a couple of tips to help make sure that the results of your interior car detailing last longer:

Cover Your Windscreen

UV radiation from sunlight is leather’s worst enemy as it quickly discolours and dries out the leather, leaving your seats prone to cracking. One of the best ways to protect your seats from UV damage would be to get your windscreen and windows tinted. If this isn’t an option for any reason, head over to your nearest auto supply shop and purchase a windscreen cover. This way, the windscreen cover will take the brunt of the UV damage in place of your seats.

Use a Leather Moisturiser

Over time, leather will eventually lose its shine due to the natural oils drying out. When this happens, we recommend cleaning the leather with products such as Bowden’s Own “Leather Love”, then applying a leather moisturiser that is specially formulated for leather seats, such as Bowden’s Own “Leather Guard” to help moisturise the leather and give UV protection. This will help restore the condition of the leather by infusing it with the natural oils it needs. Think of it as something similar to topping up your car fluid levels.

If you aren’t sure which leather moisturiser you should use on your leather seats, or are after some maintenance advice specific to your car or bike, try asking the team at Clean Getaway, your local car detailing service, for suggestions.



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