It is no secret that having beautiful leather car seat covers is a great way to make your drive more comfortable and stylish for you and your passengers. Of course, it’s more than just an aesthetic advantage. These seat covers often resist various stains and odours better than their cloth counterparts. Leather car seats, however, require more maintenance and care than regular cloth seat covers.

Leather maintenance and other car detailing tasks are relatively simple to accomplish, but require commitment from car owners. With that in mind, try to include the following steps to your car care routine:

Weekly Vacuuming Is a Must

Once every week, preferably during the weekend so you have more time to spare, it is a good idea to give your seats a quick vacuum clean. Many leather car seat covers tend to have deep crevices that can easily hide dirt and other debris. Allowing the debris to sit there for long periods of time can easily lead to discolouration.

Cover Your Windscreens

If your car did not come with one, it is a good idea to purchase a windscreen cover at your local auto supply shop. This is especially true if your windscreen is only lightly tinted or completely untinted. UV rays from the sun can easily dry leather out, causing it to crack. If you have no choice but to park your car outdoors, use a windscreen cover—but if possible, it’s best to park your car in a shaded area.

Moisturise the Leather

Every now and then, everyday wear and tear will take its toll on your leather car seats, causing the leather to lose its lustre. When this happens, you can easily have a car detailing service come and moisturise your leather car seats with a special cleaning solution. This helps restore the condition of your leather car seats near brand new condition. You may also want to ask your car detailing service to recommend a particular brand of leather cleaner and moisturiser so you always have a bottle at home just in case.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to take care of the routine maintenance leather requires to look its best. In such cases, hiring mobile car detailing services serving the Sunshine Coast, such as Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing, is a great idea.



How to clean leather car seats,

How to Clean Leather Car Seats,