Who doesn’t love smooth and glossy paint on their cars? Nothing says “new car” like a great paint job that catches the light, making the vehicle sparkle under the hot summer sun. However, while showing off that paint is easy, maintaining it is an entirely different matter. In fact, there are many paint-destroying elements that most Sunshine Coast car owners unwittingly expose their vehicles to. Here are a few examples of the things that will leave you needing car paint protection:

  • The Sun – Yes, your new car may look great as it sparkles under the sun, but harmful UV rays can damage your paint. If you’re done driving you shiny new vehicle, place it back in your garage, where it would be safe from the dangerous rays of the sun. If you have no choice but to leave your car outside, make sure to cover it with a cloth that is thick enough to protect the surface from exposure.
  • Temperature Changes – Just like any other object, paint is also vulnerable to temperature changes. Hot temperatures can cause paint to expand, while cool temperatures constrict it. Frequent or rapid changes between the two extremes will lead to small cracks that can eventually become openings for moisture, dust, and other harmful elements, thus worsening the damage.
  • Rain – Due to unchecked pollution, rain has become acidic. Prolonged exposure to rain can leave permanent marks on your car. This can be prevented, however, with quality car detailing in Sunshine Coast from trusted names like Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing. These specialists can apply Opti-Coat Pro to ensure that water slides off the coat and thus prevent acid discolouration.
  • Tree Sap – You may think that it’s a good idea to park your car under the tree for shade, but the opposite is actually true. Tree sap can fall on your car, and this substance will slowly destroy your paint. Avoid parking your car under trees and opt for shaded roofed areas instead.
  • Bird Droppings – Similar to tree sap, bird droppings can also damage your paint. Aside from giving your car a foul smell, droppings cause paint deterioration. These clumps of waste are so acidic, in fact, that they can damage even statues and buildings, so make sure to keep your car away from areas exposed to the sky.

These are only a few examples of the elements that can damage your car. Taking care of your car paint on a daily basis may not be easy, but remember that a full re-paint will always be more troublesome and expensive.


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