Car detailing is always a recommendation when asking about the best way to maintain a vehicle. This service deals with more dirt and gunk than a typical car wash. It will leave a car looking as good as new and with bonus protection. If you want the ultimate maintenance service for your vehicle, consider getting professional car detailing in Sunshine Coast.

Understanding the vital aspects of detailing will make it easier to find the best service provider that can meet your needs. The following are the areas that car detailing usually cover.


During car detailing, the undercarriage of your car will be thoroughly cleaned. Like other exterior parts of a vehicle, the undercarriage is exposed to dust and dirt, which is why it requires just as much attention. Cleaning should include the inside of wheels and the suspension features. Wheels and tyres are among the most susceptible parts and therefore they need extra attention, and to prevent corrosion, there have to be polished and coated with a protective film.


Car paint protection improves a car’s look and provides protection against the elements. Prior to this stage in the car detailing process, the surface is thoroughly washed and dried to get rid of dirt and grime. Apart from dirt and grime, the detailer will also look for scratches or swirls on all surfaces. To fix them, the surface has to be polished and waxed. The type of paint care a detailer provides says a lot about their quality of services. Also, consider the products that a detailer is using.

Head and Tail Lights

Headlights and taillights need as much care as any other part of a car’s exterior. During detailing, a professional may clean and polish using special compounds. The trims around headlights require protection and a detailer can provide them with sealants and protectants. When hiring a mobile car detailing service provider in Sunshine Coast, find out what else they do for headlights and taillights to regain and retain its shine.


Car detailing may also involve a thorough cleaning of the interior surfaces, which includes the dashboard, seats, and trunk. Detailers use shampoos and conditioners to guarantee that interior surfaces retain their integrity. Leather seats and surfaces require special handling, and professional detailers will provide it.

Upon knowing the facets covered by car detailing, there’s huge change you will switch to this type of service from your traditional washing and drying.


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