Queensland is perfect for the outdoor life. Apart from the plethora of amazing drives along the coastline and within the tropics, it boasts of a vast selection of destinations that have long been mesmerising both the locals and tourists. There’s no better way to spend the holidays than to visit these places with your family and friends.

Long drives, however, could only mean one thing: more mileage for your vehicle. Throughout each journey, your car will be subjected to all sorts of beating. Depending on the kinds of terrain you’ll choose to travel on, it can get really grimy. Flying rocks and stones can leave dents and scratches on its surface that are tricky to remove.

This is why it is important to have your vehicle properly coated prior to your planned travel. You can always choose to send it to a car detailing shop in the Sunshine Coast like Clean Getaway after your trip but a precoat could help minimise the dirt and damage that need to be smoothed out. In fact, car detailing and coating should be done on a regular basis to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape.

The Power of Coating

After investing in a car, it would be a shame to not fork out just a little more to keep it looking as good as new. Be careful when choosing a coating product, though, as not all can match your car’s natural colour and gloss. Top car detailing companies use high-quality coats, such as Opti Coat Pro+ Ceramic Clear Coating, just to achieve great results. This can provide your car with a crystal clear but incredibly tough coating, which maintains a glossy showroom finish.

This CSIRO-tested, SiC based coating is extremely hard wearing and comes with a seven year guarantee. The high gloss coating is water repellent, too, and is hard enough to reduce scratches and the adhesiveness of tar splashes. It is also resistant to acidic damage and the ammonia from bird and bat droppings.

The process of applying the car paint protection usually takes six to eight hours and then the vehicle has to cure overnight, leaving it with a beautiful, high gloss showroom finish that will last for years to come.

Professional Car Detailing

Sending your car to a car servicing shop that specialises in detailing can help maintain its look and value. You can choose between a mini-detail service and a full exterior wash depending on the kind and amount of grime that needs to be dealt with. You can also have the interior vacuumed from the dashboard down to the carpet if you want the car completely detailed from the inside out.

Of course all of these can be achieved with the help of professional detailers. You may think you can pull it off on your own but the truth is you may not have the right detailing skill and tools to use. In fact, it’s likely that you can do more harm than good to your car if you decide to detail it yourself. Be smart and don’t trust DIYs. Before setting out on a long journey and as soon as you come back, send your vehicle for professional detailing.


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