An estimated 4 million used cars are being bought and sold throughout the country each year–about four times as many as brand new ones. Market analyst Deloitte has provided some statistics, which show that dealerships actually make more than twice the profit in used cars than in brand new ones.

With the popularity of used cars also comes more available information about buying and selling them. Car owners are now savvier in selling their cars through private channels, as they try to avoid trade-ins to get better margins. If you’re looking to sell your car on your own, here are a few useful pointers that can help you get the best price.

Make It Look Real Good

No matter how incredibly powerful your car’s engine is, if the car looks pretty bad on the outside, you’ll have a very difficult time selling it. First impressions last even with machines, and an unsightly, unkempt car reflects terribly on its owner. You can start by simply cleaning your car on regular intervals. If you want to create a powerful first impression, though, you have to go the extra mile.

Professional car detailing that includes extensive cleaning and polishing can actually add hundreds of dollars to your car’s value. For instance, a single protective coat over your car’s paintjob could help immensely, instantly improving a faded paint job without spending on a new one. Note that a worn-out paint job, as well as gouges and chipping, can significantly put a dent on your car’s resale value.

This leads to another tip: when you buy a new car, invest in quality car paint protection, such as Opti-Coat from Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing, which serves the Sunshine Coast and nearby areas. This will help preserve your car’s paint job and keep it looking like new for as long as possible.

Make a Few Modifications

Aftermarket accessories that enhance your car’s performance or make its interior much more comfortable will absolutely affect resale value. You may want to install new automatic windows, useful safety features or new rims; or replace a manual transmission with an automatic one..

Keep the Kilometres Under Control

If there’s one certainty about selling used cars, it’s this: more kilometres ran mean a lower resale price. Experts say that buyers are now wary of upcoming service dues, such as a timing belt change, and will consider these in choosing a car. Furthermore, most insurance companies also consider mileage when determining premiums.

Overall, keep in mind that a little effort in making your car presentable goes a long way in getting an excellent price for it.

Tricks Of The Trade Revealed: Hoe To Get The Most Money For Your Used Car,, May 7, 2015