… and other fun facts about it!

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity as the technology gets better and better. There are countless models available, like the Nissan Leaf, the Hyundai Kona Electric, and of course, the range of Teslas. Once a futuristic concept, the electric car is no longer a boxy, sluggish car with barely any range. Today, electric cars truly are the future of personal vehicles. Generally, one can now expect an electric car to be stylish, fast, and with long ranges. There are even electric super cars like the Genovation GXE (with its eye-watering US$750,000 price tag) and the NIO EP9. The records set by some of the electric supercars are blasting traditional supercars out of the water.

The electric car has arrived, and it has arrived in style.

One of the most famous electric car companies is Tesla, with their Model 3, Model S, Roadster, and array of other incredible vehicles. The most entry-level Tesla available is the Model 3.

With its gorgeous style, top of the line safety ratings and futuristic qualities, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most sought-after cars on the market today. The Tesla Model 3 goes from 0 to 100km in 3.4 seconds and has a 620 km range. It boasts one of the best car safety ratings in the world. With an aluminium and steel structure, the Tesla is designed for strength. Supporting the weight of two African Elephants, the Tesla Model 3 passed the crush test with flying colours, making it a top choice for families.

But the question is, once you have you Tesla Model 3, how do you maintain it?

Unlike other non-electric vehicles you have no doubt previously owned, the Tesla doesn’t require standard things like

  • An oil change
  • New spark plugs
  • New oil filters
  • Emissions checks

Even replacing the brake pads is rare thanks to the Tesla’s regenerative braking, that returns energy to the battery, which drastically reduces the wear and tear on your brakes.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there is nothing to maintain when it comes to your Tesla Model 3. If you’ve got one (and even if you don’t) you know that they do not come cheap, so maintaining your Tesla to keep it in its best condition is a must.


Here is a list of what to maintain on your new Tesla Model 3:

Cabin Air Filter

It’s recommended to replace your Cabin Air Filter every two years. This Filter helps to keep pollen, road dust, and other particles from coming in through the vents of your car.

HEPA Filter

Your Tesla has a HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air, Filter installed, and it’s a good idea to replace it every 3 years.

Brake Fluid Test

Change your Brake Fluid as often as required, but make sure that you check it for contamination every 2 years.


It’s a good idea to check your tyres often. Tesla recommends every 16000 to 19000 kilometres. Check to see if they need aligning, balancing, rotating, or simply require replacing.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Send your Model 3 in for an air conditioning service every six years to keep it in top shape.

Paint Protection

Tesla is one of the very few car manufacturers that don’t protect their cars with plastic while they’re being transported, so they’re susceptible to being scratched and having the paint damaged. So once your new car arrives, consider having it looked over by a professional car detailing service, like Clean Getaway, to make sure your car is in tip-top shape. You might want to think about having your Tesla Ceramic Coated, too, for added protection, since Teslas have soft paint. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra is a great option for Ceramic Coating your new Tesla.


Having your Tesla’s windows tinted is a great way of protecting the interior from heat-related damage. It can also drastically reduce the interior temperature, add value to your car, and increase privacy.


While a Tesla 3 might come with a hefty price tag, it makes up for it in other areas, and is arguably one of the cheapest cars to maintain. It doesn’t require regular servicing like non-electric cars, and the maintenance that it does require is considerably less, all of which is a cost savings to you over the life of the vehicle.


So, if you don’t have a Tesla Model 3, should you get one?


We’ve compiled a few good reasons to consider investing in a Tesla Model 3 for your family.

Safety First

The Tesla Model 3 has a fantastic safety rating which is a huge bonus for families, who tend to be the most safety conscious when it comes to vehicles. The Tesla has a huge range of active safety features. The Tesla Model 3 comes with:

– Electronic Stability and Traction Control

– Anti-lock braking systems

– Lane Departure Warning

– Speed Assist

– Blind Spot Sensor

– Automatic Emergency Braking and Collision Avoidance

The safety features are also updated often, just like an app on your phone, so the safety should, in theory, increase over time.

Value over the Long Term

The Tesla Model 3 will hold its value much better than other cars on the market, so you can get a bigger return if you decide to sell it. What’s more, there’s a sweet little rumour going around that Tesla Model 3s could actually become an appreciating asset, not a depreciating one. Teslas are continually being upgraded and improved, and as the technology improves, your car is updated and, in essence, constantly getting better and safer.


If you’re more interested in the basic get-up-and-go than the planet-saving, the Tesla Model 3 has the speed you need. It has a top speed of 261 kilometres an hour, with its dual motor all-wheel drive. It’ll make it to 100 kilometres an hour in just 3.4 seconds, and for any kind of car, let alone an electric one, that’s pretty quick.

It’s fitted with a carbon fibre spoiler, which helps to improve stability at high speeds, and its traction control, suitable for all weather types, is top of the line.

Fast Recharge

Gone are the days where you have to wait an entire day to charge your electric car before you can make a quick trip to the shops. The Tesla Model 3 will recharge to 270 kilometre range in only 30 minutes at one of their Supercharger locations, of which there are over 14,000 around the world. With a full charge, the Tesla 3 will take you pretty much anywhere you could need to go in a single day, with a massive range of 670 kilometres.

Vision Focused

Contributing to its incredible safety rating is the 360 degree view you’re offered once you hop behind the wheel. With rear, forward-facing and side cameras, blind spots are a thing of the past. The forward-facing radar gives you a long-range view of far off objects and there are 12 Ultrasonic Sensors that help with parking and help you to avoid accidents by detecting nearby cars.


You might think autopilot is reserved for planes and futuristic movies, but the Tesla Model 3 has Autopilot features that allow your vehicle to steer, brake and accelerate automatically inside the confines of the lane.

You can:


With this feature, you can automatically summon your vehicle, without having to walk all the way over to it, unlock it and get inside. There’s an app called “Smart Summon” that allows you to call your car to you from up to 200 feet away.


With the touch of a button, your Tesla Model 3 will parallel and perpendicular park for you. No more car park bingles – the future is here.

Auto Lane Change

While you’re driving along the highway, your Tesla Model 3 can actually change lanes for you.


Eyes on the Future

Tesla have their eyes firmly planted on the horizon. Each Model 3 is fitted with standard and advanced hardware that can provide Autopilot feature for drivers today, and with software updates, complete self-driving capabilities ‘tomorrow’. Every Tesla vehicle has the hardware required to utilize self-driving in nearly every situation. Tesla are confident the safety of their self-driving car will be twice as good as the Average Joe behind the wheel.


With all these features, one would assume that maintaining your Tesla Model 3 would be a nightmare, and an expensive nightmare at that. However, Tesla appear to be as customer focused as they are future focused – their vehicles are cheap to run, cheap to maintain and Tesla’s aim is to have their vehicles actually improve over time, while other cars depreciate and deteriorate, requiring expensive fixes.

The Tesla Model 3, while pricey, is actually pretty incredible value for money, considering a Range Rover can cost you over $200,000. The standard Tesla Model 3 is only $67,900 comparatively, and while this might be an out of reach price for the average Australian, what you get for that price is extravagant. More than that, the Tesla Model 3 begs the question – can you put a price on safety?

We’re not sure you can. There are countless road accidents occurring every year in Australia, and if purchasing a safer car could prevent those accidents, our roads in general would be safer places to be. So, while it’s possibly an appreciating asset, it takes very little to maintain, and one day it could be driving you down the street without any help from you, the safety rating is what matters most. While the Tesla has a lot going for it, and the futuristic technology is amazing, and will no doubt change the face of driving, it turns out the best thing about a Tesla is whoever is sitting inside it.