Car care is of great importance, not only so you can keep your vehicle good-looking, but also because it directly affects the comfort and efficiency of your ride. It’s something definitely worth investing into especially if you’re keen on making the most out of your car purchase. Here are some tips that should help you get good car detailing service, particularly for those who are first-time car owners.

Because of the great care and detail required to pull off this job, it’s advisable that you bring it to a professional mobile car detailing service centre like Clean Getaway. You can look forward to much better results than if you were to do it on your own. Your vehicle is an investment, after all, so take good care of it.

What to Expect

A car detailing job is meant to get your car spic and span as much as possible. Cleaning the carpet, for one, is not as simple as vacuuming off the dirt. It has to be thoroughly cleaned especially because bacteria and other disease-carrying elements brought in through footwear can enter the car. If your car has been poorly maintained for a while now, you may not even realize it but there may already be mould and mildew under it.


Since the air inside the car is confined, you want to make sure that the air circulating inside is clean, especially if you have children for passengers, or if you have sensitive respiratory issues. The AC units are also an important feature of your car’s interior so make sure to get that cleaned too. The seats, like the carpet, must be vacuumed clean. It may also need a thorough shampooing to get rid of the stains, grease, and other dirt.


On the exterior, the body paint, wheels, and even the rubber in your tires are also going to be washed and cleaned thoroughly. Smaller sections and hard to reach crevices must also be taken care of, otherwise rust and corrosion can start building up and spreading, causing even bigger problems for you down the line.

You can also get your car waxed and have the paint protected so it doesn’t scratch or nick easily. Not to mention, it’s going to look almost as if it’s brand new once you bring it home from the service. For this, you can rely on your trusted local service centre in Sunshine Coast like Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing.


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