Are you a first-time car owner who has no idea how to keep your vehicle looking good and in tiptop shape? Perhaps you’ve had your car for a while now, but still you’re not all that confident in how to keep it clean. Ideally, you should be able to at least get your car washed regularly to keep it looking fresh. Sometimes, though, car washing simply won’t cut it. You’ll need a more intensive car detailing service to thoroughly get rid of all that accumulated dirt and stain. Here are some important signs that will clue you in to when it’s time for the job.

Bright Lights No More

One of the things you should look out for in your car is your lights system. This is important because you need this to improve visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions. Even if they’re not broken (which can get you flagged down, by the way), you need to get your lights cleaned out once they show signs of oxidation. This could be an indication that the sealant is coming off or breaking and is thus now unable to keep the moisture out.

Exterior Trim

If your car has chrome trim, have it cleaned thoroughly. Plastic or vinyl materials should be given extra care by giving it a coating of protectant against fading and cracking. You can also ask the shop to include the exhaust tips so that everything’s spic and span.

Paint Job

This is actually the most obvious part of your car as it is the first thing that people see. If your car’s paint job is starting to fade or covered in scratches and swirls, then a professional Sunshine Coast Paint Correction and Restoration Service might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking after your car’s paint job is important, as you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent it from getting chipped or cracked, which can be quite costly to resolve. If this happens, you’ll also need to involve a panel beater to have your car resprayed to put a stop to it before it spreads further. Once that is done, though, the revitalization is almost complete – get that fresh paint job a shiny detail and wax to get it looking as good as brand new.

Now that your paint job is looking fresh again, you might be wondering how to keep it that way? There is an answer – Permanent Paint Protection. With a UV-hardened Ceramic Clear Coating like Opti-Coat Pro+, your paint job will be protected while also keeping your car cleaner for longer – it even prevents acidic damage and paint fading (which will help you avoid needing to go through all this again a few years down the road).


There are just some stains that you can’t get rid of on your upholstery, carpet, and sometimes even the interior surface itself. If you have children passengers especially, it shouldn’t be surprising for you to find food marks on the back of the seats, or even the ceiling of the car. Professional services like this can help you get your car looking great once again, making for a more luxurious ride (and potentially helping keep your car’s resale value higher).

Instead of tearing your hair out trying to get rid of the mess, just bring it to a car detailing centre on the Sunshine Coast like Clean Getaway. Of course, they’re not called mobile car detailing specialists for nothing – if you can’t get to them, they’ll come to you!


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