It’s a sad fact of life that as soon as that car you’ve always wanted is driven out of the showroom, it begins to lose value. Likewise with second-owner cars, no matter how much you’ve paid for your pride and joy, its value is only going to go one way. So how do you minimise the depreciation?

As a businessman or company rep, your car is an extension of your business attitude. Not the type of car, but the appearance. Turning up for appointments in a dust covered, grimy car, wheels and trim covered in mud, doesn’t project the best of company images.

Cars and Depreciation

If your personal car’s the one you’ve been hankering after for the last couple of years, then you want to keep it as pristine as possible. Many want to go that one step further, and make it ‘different’. Whether making it different means adding the latest high tech digital sound system, adding spoilers or skirt kits, the more one ventures from the production specification, the greater the drop in value.

Of course, there are exceptions to this. The person who spends thousands of dollars changing a production road model into a hot rally model, but even so, the chances of recouping all those extra dollars spent is very slim.

Detailing Minimises Depreciation

Yet there is one simple and cost effective way of minimising depreciation, while making your car stand out from the crowd – car detailing. In areas like east Australia, hot, sunny…and dusty, car detailing among sunshine coast residents is becoming ever more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Get your vehicle professionally detailed and park in a shopping mall or public car park. Guaranteed it will turn heads – no matter what the model.

No one says you can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, but at the same time professional detailing doesn’t have to be carried out every week. Getting your car detailed every month or so will ensure those tiny dints from road grit, don’t get a chance to establish themselves and increase any damage.

Most companies specialising in mobile car detailing sunshine coast areas, will visit your home or place of work, and detail your vehicle while you go about your daily business.

A regular and complete mobile car detailing conducted by experts in Sunshine Coast, like those from Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing, minimises sun and road damage while keeping your car in that showroom condition and ensure it’s the one that gets the glances.


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