After spending time and a substantial amount of money finding the ideal car for your daily needs, you will start worrying about how to keep it looking as good as it did when it left the dealership. The vehicle’s paintwork is one aspect that can be challenging to keep in good condition, especially if you have to drive all over Sunshine Coast.

Paint protection is one recommendation that a dealer will advise on and an excellent way to achieve it is through car detailing. Compared to regular car washing, a professional detailing goes a long way in ensuring that your vehicle’s paintwork remains in an excellent state.

Expert Waxing

Applying wax is one way that car detailers provide car paint protection. However, the way car waxing is done will determine its effectiveness in keeping your vehicle’s bodywork looking new for longer. A good wax results in a protective film on the surface such that, when you are out driving, the paintwork maintains its shine. The film acts as insulation from all the elements and contaminants that your car has to endure when it is out on the road. A detailing expert can conduct a bead test to see if your vehicle requires a waxing job.

While waxing is good for short-term protection, you’ll need a stronger car paint protection product with longer efficacy. For one, a professional in car detailing near Sunshine Coast will know which brand of carnauba wax is best suited for your specific vehicle because paintwork differs. A wrong choice of paint protection products can ruin the whole bodywork.

Proper Cleaning

Part of any decent car paint protection near Sunshine Coast service is to do a thorough cleaning. Paint protection will not be useful if a vehicle is still dirty. Professional detailers have the right equipment and techniques to clean a car such that any waxing that goes on it is bound to last a long while, thereby keeping surfaces safe from common threats. Detailing removes salt deposits or other contaminants that land on the face of a vehicle. By using microfibre clothing and safe cleaning products, detailers ensure that there are no scratches on the paintwork.

You’re better off leaving this job in the hands of professionals, such as those from Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing. Your car deserves to be treated right, after all.

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