Whether you are a car enthusiast trying to keep your growing collection display-worthy, or a regular motorist who regards vehicles as nothing but transport, the importance of car cleaning and maintenance cannot be overemphasised. A trip to the carwash every so often may take care of everyday dust and grime on your car, but it takes detailing to deal with tough stains and minor imperfections that make your car look old and run-down.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a top-to-bottom, inside-and-out cleaning of a car for the purpose of bringing it back to its original state. This is the supposed normal way of cleaning vehicles, but ever since carwashes came into existence, it has suddenly ascended to a higher level of service class given exclusively by car detailing shops. You can better understand the car detailing process by comparing it with regular car washing.

In a carwash, your vehicle is splashed with water, rubbed and scrubbed with detergent, and rinsed. That’s enough to eliminate excess dust, oil, and salt that have built up on your car’s exterior surface in the past few days. In a car detailing shop, in contrast, your vehicle will not just be soaped and rinsed. Professional car detailing entails of a higher level of experience and knowledge of the industry and only the superior quality products, microfibre, and machinery are used on your vehicle. Car Detailing is fuelled by passion and craftsmanship, focusing on preserving and restoring the finish of a vehicle in the best interest of its owner.

What Types of Imperfections Get Fixed during Detailing?

Have you ever been in a situation where your adrenaline rush instantly kicks in upon realising that your car is not where you parked it? Well, that’s just about what can happen when you can’t find your car in the car exterior detailing shop. It’s right there but you just couldn’t recognise it because it looks so different!

That’s how dirt and damage on your vehicle can play with your memory if you neglect them for so long. They can trick you into thinking that your car’s dull and grubby appearance is normal and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s only through the transformation your car experiences during detailing that you can have a good sense of how much care your car really needs. This is why taking your car out for car detailing every so often is of paramount importance. Here are some of the imperfections that only car detailing can remove from your vehicle.

Bird Lime

Whenever you park your car outside, be it in the city or in the outback, it becomes an easy target for bird lime. To see a splash or two of fresh or dried bird droppings on your car should no longer surprise you. You have to act quickly, though, because bird poop contains acids that can corrode your car’s finish. If it’s been there for a while and you failed to wash it right away, don’t worry because whatever damage it has left behind can be fixed during detailing.

Water Spots

Your car is also prone to water splashes. This could come from anywhere, including when you run over puddles on the road or when waves by the seaside spray your car. Unfortunately, these water splashes are not always pure water. Judging by their sources, they may contain harsh substances that can stick on your car’s exterior after all the water that carried them evaporates, and those substances can leave serious damage over time. Mobile car detailing can deal with both the spots and the damage they might cause.

Tar, Sap, and Bugs

This type of stain and damage is very common among vehicles that are often used for outback adventures. Like bird poop, they can be irritatingly stubborn to remove, and as soon as they clutch deep into your car’s exterior, the paint may peel off when you try to remove them. It is better to leave their removal to car detailing experts.

Swirl Marks

Many think swirl marks are a normal feature of a car’s exterior, as even some new arrivals have them. Truth is they are actually tiny scratches caused by incorrection machine polishing or poor washing technique. In fact, you won’t be able to feel them with your fingers. As negligible as they may seem, swirl marks are still imperfections that don’t belong on your car’s surface. A car detailer can burnish them away and seal off your car exterior with superior paint protection to keep them at bay for good.

Faded and Oxidised Paint

If this is your first time taking your car to a detailing shop after purchasing it years ago, chances are its paintwork is already fading. That’s because the paint’s original protective coating has been depleted long ago. You may have had your car waxed a few times, but waxing does not last long. Thankfully, a car detailer can restore faded and oxidised car paint, and as previously mentioned, they can also prolong the paint’s life by applying paint protection.

You may ask, does exterior detailing remove scratches? Generally, detailing shops handle all sorts of minor damage on car exteriors, and that includes scratches. Sometimes, however, the scratch can be too deep and can only be fixed by recoating the entire section of the car in question, which may no longer be covered by detailing. Make sure to discuss this with the detailer to be clear about how they will deal with that kind of damage.

Choosing a Detailing Shop

With so many detailing shops in and around the Sunshine Coast, it can be tricky to find one that can live up to your expectations or at least be what their ads say about them. As such, it’s important to take note of these pointers when evaluating each car detailing shop you come across.

Check what types, brands, or models of vehicle they are detailing

Some shops don’t handle certain brands, while others just specialise in a brand or two but handle everything. You may also want to find out if they detail motorcycles, too. Only very few reliable detailers like Clean Getaway offer such services.

Learn about the different methods included in each service package they offer

It’s always a good idea to do your own research about how car detailing techniques work. That way you can have a good sense of what each of them can do for your car.

Ask what car paint protection they use

This is very important because the longevity of the detailing done on your car depends on the type of paint protection the detailer used. If they used wax, it won’t take long before your car starts sustaining damage again and before you even get the chance to enjoy the brand new look on your vehicle, you’re back at the detailing shop for another session.