Vehicles have to withstand a lot of punishment when on the road, which is why yours needs protection as much as possible. Paint care is one great preventative maintenance measure a car detailing expert can provide you. For one, they know which method is most appropriate for your car. You may not even be aware there is a difference between sealants, waxes and protectants.

But how do you know if you should bring your car around for car paint protection services? Here are a few things you should watch out for if you are a driver on the Sunshine Coast.

Tree Sap

Parking under trees is common, especially when driving around during a hot summer day. However, the tree sap that lands on your car’s exterior can cause significant destruction to the coating. Tree sap sticks to the surface, like glue, and trying to wipe it off will only spread it over a larger area. Besides leaving stains on the vehicle, it can cause chemical reaction on the coating, resulting in unsightly blemishes. Car paint protection can help prevent damage caused by tree sap so you can park anywhere, worry-free.

Bird Droppings

Another reason your car paint may need expert care is bird droppings. When you park in an open area, there is a risk of birds dropping their faecal matter on your vehicle. If these droppings are not removed immediately, they dry and harden on the surface and leave ugly stains.


When temperatures are high on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere, tar melts easily, and the particles can do considerable damage to a vehicle. The asphalt that flings in the air as you drive can land on the surface and stick to it. Incorrect removal of these particles can chip away the paint, not to mention leave unattractive marks, particularly on bright surfaces. Taking your vehicle for car detailing will ensure that the tar is separated from the paint without increasing the damage.


Insects are another reason you may want to take precautions. Bugs are common during some times of the year, which makes them a legitimate concern. Some insects carry acidic elements that will eat away at the paint on car surfaces, causing a lot of destruction. The right methods are necessary to remove the splatter and deal with the stains they leave behind.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your vehicle. Car paint protection is a worthy investment.


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