Are you in need of a service provider who can help in maintaining your automobile? If you want to protect your car and give it the best start of life, rust protection is a must-have. Although permanent rust protection is designed to last for a long period, it doesn’t mean that new cars are invincible.

If your car has been involved in an accident, minor, unprotected steel could have been exposed. That means that your car is at risk of rust occurrence. Should the zinc coating get chipped, the metal under it could quickly rust.

It is the same case with the paint finish. If by any chance, a boulder cuts deep into the paint coating, possibilities of rusting are high. Instead of waiting for rust to wreak havoc on your car; why not get help from professional car detailing from Sunshine Coast service providers?

Paint Protection

Car paint protection prevents breaking and chipping. This reveals the hull and subjects it to rust. However, most of the rust coating is normally caused by driving on unpaved roads. The grinding and chipping on the surface of your car lead to a particular damage that exposes the areas to susceptible corrosion.

A competent auto detailing service such as Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing can provide coating and cleaning polishing that protects the car paint. Poor polishing leaves your car exposed to poor resistance when in motion. Rustproofing can include anything from frames, fenders, inside doors, chassis, and rockers.

Rustproofing through ERPS Protects other Parts

Today, the chemicals used in most roads are more corrosive than ever before. Add to that the high variations in temperature and the high humidity and you have a composition of rust.

This is why providers of car service on the Sunshine Coast, like Clean Getaway, makes use of the technology known as the ERPS, or Electronic Rust Proofing. The ERPS system interferes with the electrical charge between iron and oxygen, thus inhibiting their combination and preventing the formation of rust. This is made possible by a proprietary electronic capacitive coupler that continuously replaces lost electrons from the iron in your car.

Efficient and durable, ERPS can fit any car, regardless of their age. Visit a provider of car services and experience a rust-free car today!

Should You Rust Proof Your New Car?
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