Not everyone has the means to pop out to the car yard and bring home a new Porsche. And as much as we might like bringing home a sparkling new Land Rover, we might end up taking home a fifteen-year-old Land Cruiser instead.

All across Australia, people invest in second-hand cars. There’s even a common belief that second-hand cars are a more economical purchase than brand new cars, which lose up to 10% of their value just in the first month after driving out of the car yard.

Benefits of Second-Hand Cars

Much Cheaper!

It’s considerably cheaper to purchase a second-hand car, rather than a new car. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying a twenty-year-old Ford for $800, that will break down every ten feet. Cars have long lives, and grabbing yourself a car that’s only a few years old can be the most economical choice. It may still even be under warranty.

If you’ve got a slightly higher budget, purchasing ex-demo cars from dealerships can provide a great discount, and these cars usually have less than twenty thousand kilometres on them.

Depreciates Slower

Used cars have already suffered the bulk of their depreciation, since cars lose the highest amount of value in their first couple of years.

Lower Insurance Costs

The higher the cost of the vehicle, the higher the cost of the insurance. When you purchase a second-hand car, your insurance costs can be substantially lower, reducing the upfront and continual costs of running the vehicle.

Higher Resale Value

If you buy a car that’s in need of some major TLC, doing the repairs and breathing some new life into it can result in you making a tidy profit if you choose to sell.

Own It Quicker

Spending a lot less money on a second-hand car can mean that you can either buy it outright or pay down the loan much more quickly than if you purchased a brand-new vehicle.

Okay, so I’ve bought a Second-Hand Car. Now What?

There are a few things to be aware of when purchasing a second-hand car. We’ve outlined a few things to consider below.


If you’re purchasing a second-hand car from a registered dealership, they will more than likely take care of all or most of the paperwork for you. However, if you’re buying a car from a private seller, you will need to be aware of your obligations. You’ll need to fill out paperwork to transfer the registration, and the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership. These documents are available on the Queensland Transport Website.


You will need to do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing a used car. The Queensland Transport Website has specific rules for second-hand cars. According to their website they disclaim the following:

“It is very important to make sure the vehicle you are buying:

  • belongs to the person selling it and is not currently listed as stolen
  • is what the person says it is
  • has no unpaid debt attached to it—if you are aware of any debt attached, you should take measures to ensure the current loan is paid out before the time of sale (you can ask the seller to obtain a payout amount before the sale) or has no title held by a financial institution.
  • is going to keep you safe.

You should also check the:

  • number plate, construction date, vehicle identification number and engine number on the registration certificate all match the vehicle exactly—you can match this against the vehicle’s VIN plate
  • vehicle has a current Queensland safety certificate or a certificate of inspection. Handwritten safety certificates must be displayed on the vehicle. Some approved inspection stations now issue safety certificates electronically. In this case the certificate doesn’t need to be displayed on the vehicle, but if requested, the seller must produce the certificate so you can ensure it is valid—this could be a printed copy, or via an electronic method like a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • safety certificate has not expired or exceeded the 2,000km allowed or 2 months (whichever comes first) before a new certificate is needed for a private sale
  • safety certificate has not expired or exceeded the 1,000km allowed or 3 months (whichever comes first) before a new certificate is needed for a motor dealer purchase
  • certificate of inspection has not expired (heavy vehicles and heavy trailers only)
  • gas certificate, if necessary, is within 3 months from date of issue for either private or dealer sale
  • Personal Property Securities Register says there is no money owing on the vehicle. If any money is owing on the vehicle, make sure you have made arrangements with the seller and their financial institution before you buy the vehicle.”

The Fun Stuff

It’s not all rules and regulations when it comes to buying a used car. There’s fun stuff, too, that make the owning a new car – well, new to you – a joy.

It’s All In The Detail

Since the car isn’t brand new, you will want to have it professionally detailed.

We spend a lot of time in our cars, and that means they can get pretty dirty, and we don’t just mean rubbish. Skin cells, dust, food particles, pet hair, fluids and all manner of flora can find their way into our vehicles. In extreme circumstances, the list includes harmful bacteria and sometimes even viruses that can be transferred on contact.

Having your car detailed can remove a lot of this nasty build up that no one wants inside their cars. A professional car detailer, like Clean Getaway, can:

  • Do a comprehensive vacuum, including your boot
  • Clean and rejuvenate all surfaces
  • Clean mirrors and glass, on the inside and the outside
  • Remove stains
  • Get rid of those funky smells by deodorizing
  • Exterior shampoo
  • Remove tar and bugs
  • Remove iron from the wheels
  • Provide a presentation finish
  • Clean and condition leather

Clean Getaway can even flush door jambs and dust and clean all the little nooks and crevices. This can make your used car feel like new again.

Paint Rejuvenation

Now that you’ve got your car, you might want to consider sprucing the paint. This can increase the overall appeal and feel of your vehicle. Paint correction is machine polishing, performed by highly trained detailers. This process of using abrasive compounds to get rid of visible imperfections and defects in your paint can remove swirls, oxidization, scratches and spider webbing from your paint.

If you’ve bought a car with scratches or oxidization, or just want to rejuvenate your paint, Clean Getaway can take care of it for you. Offering 3 levels of paint correction, we’ve got the skills to bring your paint job back to life.

Single Stage Paint Correction:

  • Removes up to 80% of swirls and spider webbing

Two Stage Paint Correction:

  • Removes 92-97% of swirls, medium to deep scratches, and spider webbing.

Multi-Stage Paint Correction

  • Minimum of 18 hours spent restoring your paint. Includes a full examination of your paint, as well as measurement of paint thickness across every inch of panel.

Paint Protection

If you want to ensure that your paint is protected, consider having a professional apply ceramic paint protection on your car. This process can ensure that your paint is protected from harmful contaminants, like acidic bird and bat droppings, the sun’s harmful rays, and water spotting.

Here at Clean Getaway, we offer Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, which comes with a 9-year warranty and guarantee and has 10H Diamond-like hardness. The Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra helps protect your paint from fading, and even reduces the number of times you have to wash your car.

Tint your windows

With any car new to your home, it’s a good idea to have the windows tinted. Harmful UV rays can flood into your car through your windows and affect your skin. With proper window tinting, you will have an added layer of protection between you and the sun. Clean Getaway uses nano carbon ceramic window tinting solutions to help protect you from the sun’s potent rays. This top of the line tinting can also help to block infrared radiation and keep your car cooler.


Whether you’re in the market for a car for yourself, a people mover, a runabout or a car for the Learner Driver in your family, a used car can be a fantastic option. Whatever the cost or style, you want the best out of your car. Bring it in to the team at Clean Getaway, and our specially trained staff can help to bring your used car back to life again with our high-quality materials, extensive knowledge and passion.