Keeping your car smelling good can be a challenge, especially if you use the car a lot, eat and/or smoke in your car, or have children. In most cases, keeping the air conditioning system in good working condition can be enough to keep bad stenches at bay, but if foul odour persists, your trusted Sunshine Coast car detailing pros offer these nifty recommendations.

Air out your car

The simplest odour-fighting solution you can do is to roll down your windows and leave them open as you drive around. Just make sure you’re driving somewhere that has plenty of fresh air and not so much traffic. On that note, this solution is only effective for light odours, where the smell is faint and hasn’t settled in.


A good dose of steam can be effective in getting smells to leave your car. Steamers can be purchased from your local hardware store, although they are quite expensive. To use the machine, simply follow the instructions on the manual, add water, and then turn it on to steam-clean your car interior.

Clean the upholstery

A good offense against odours is to clean the upholstery thoroughly. Remove floor mats and seat covers to wash them. Check every nook and cranny, as there may be something hidden from view that’s causing the bad smell. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out food scraps that may have burrowed themselves into your car seats. Use liquid spray detergent and a brush to remove any stains.

Bowden’s Own Pong-Go

Steamers are very expensive machines and not everybody can afford them. And believe it or not, even after airing out your car and cleaning the upholstery, odours, especially the strongest ones, can still remain. The range of products has an odour neutralizer called Pong-Go, which is best used by spraying as you clean your car. This product is highly effective against odours, that’s why it’s the preferred odour neutralizer of many professional car detailers nationwide.

Hopefully, these steps can help you finally get rid of the strong stenches that have been pestering your nostrils every time you drive. Otherwise, it may be time to take your car to a Sunshine Coast car paint protection and detailing specialist such as Clean GetAway to get some professional car cleaning done.


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