Your car is more than just your mode of transport–it’s a reflection of your personality. As something that represents who you are,  you’ll want your car to always look its best, and one of the best ways to keep your paint job looking good as new is to keep it waxed.

A great car wax–especially one that’s performed by Sunshine Coast car detailing pros–gives your vehicle a smooth protective layer that repels water, bird droppings, dirt and more. Some waxes, such as Bowden’s Own’s Fully Slick, can even protect your vehicle against UV rays that can harm the car’s surface over time. There are many benefits to waxing your vehicle, and you deserve to know about them all.

Your car stays cleaner, longer

The biggest benefit of waxing your car is that you slow down the accumulation of dirt. Since your car stays clean longer, you prolong the need to wash it for a while. In fact, when waxing is done the way professional car detailers do it, your car exterior will remain shiny for weeks.

Your car paint is protected from minor scratches

Even the dust in the air can scratch the surface of your car, causing the paint to appear dull over time. By applying a good quality wax, you protect your paint from the world’s harsh and abrasive realities.

Your car paint is shielded from the sun

While the sun gives life to the world, the same thing can’t be said about what it does to the paint on your car. Eventually, the sun and its ultraviolet rays will deal significant damage even to the most resilient paint jobs, causing these to fade and lose their aesthetic value much quicker than they should. The protective layer that a wax such as Bowden’s Own’s Fully Slick forms can protect your paint from fading too fast.

Simply put, a good waxing will go a long way to keep your car’s awesome paint job glorious. For best results, it pays to have a top Sunshine Coast mobile car detailing service professional work on your car while using the best car wax brand possible.

Clean Getaway is a top Sunshine Coast car detailing business that uses Bowden’s Own Wax Wash for all mobile detailing services. It’s the only T1 Grade infused Carnauba wax car wash made in Australia and it offers superior high-end gloss and protection from harmful weather elements. Take your car to Clean Getaway and see the difference that Bowden’s Own Wax Wash can make to your car’s paint job.


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