Car paint brilliance and gloss comes from proper detailing that can only be done by Sunshine Coast car detailing service such as Clean Getaway. After you get this done, you’ll naturally want to prolong your car’s stunning shine. The first step toward doing so is to regularly and thoroughly inspect your car’s paint surface for contamination.

What is paint contamination?

Over time, organic and inorganic particles can find themselves attached and imbedded to your vehicle’s paint. These imperfections can chemically and physically bond to your car’s paint, and when that happens, they won’t be removed by mere washing. Tar, brake dust, rail dust, tree sap, and bird droppings are some of the examples that come to mind. If you’ve ever had to remove bird droppings that have stayed on your paint surface for hours, then you know such particles are almost impossible to remove.

Checking for paint contamination

A clean car isn’t a guarantee of contamination-free paint finish. Run your hand over your car’s surface. Clean and contamination-free paint will fill smooth, but contaminated paint will fee rough and gritty to the touch. Sometimes, contamination can be hardly felt, but you can enhance your sense of touch by placing your hand over a clean plastic bag and running the bag over the paint. The plastic bag will give you a better feel for the true status of your car paint’s quality.

What happens if paint contamination is not taken care of?

Left unattended, these particles can corrode and deteriorate your paint. Eventually, your paint will lose its shine and look dull. Soon the contaminants can eat away at the clear coat, allowing rust and moisture to penetrate and destroy the metal underneath the paint surface.

In addition to paint damage and metal deterioration, contamination also prevents detailing products such as coatings, sealants and waxes from working properly. These finishing products are designed to bond to paint and not to the contamination that may be covering your paint surface. Thus, contamination must first be removed to maximise the benefits of these finishing products.

The best Sunshine Coast car detailing professionals, such as Clean Getaway, use top quality auto detailing clay such as those made by Australian company Bowden’s Own before they apply their finishing products. Visit their location to have that long-lasting, contamination-free shine that you want for your car.


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