You wouldn’t go out in winter without a coat, gloves, and other cold-weather gear. Just as you would protect yourself, your car will enjoy some attention and protection as well. As the most damaging season for cars, basically every part of your vehicle’s exterior—the glass, the rubber, the plastic, and even the metal—will bet at the mercy of wind, rain, snow, and whatever else nature can throw.

You need to give your exterior surfaces a little touching up before you brave the winter weather. Your Sunshine Coast car detailing pros share this step-by-step guide on how to give your car a fighting chance.

Step 1: Give the car a thorough clean

Use a deep cleaning pre-wash foam to rinse away all the grit. Car wash foam products such as Snow Job by Bowden’s Own are great for this purpose. Don’t forget to include the wheels, wheel wells, and undercarriage when you apply foam. Doing so reduces the possibility of damage in these hard-to-reach areas. Follow up your Snow Job application with the ‘3 bucket wash method’ (wash, rinse, wheels) to remove excess dirt and give the car a thorough clean.

Step 2: Apply protective coating

If your car will be exposed to extreme winter weather, the best protective coating you can use is a ceramic clear coating product such as Opti-Coat Pro+. Unlike other coating products, Opti-Coat Pro+ offers better shielding properties against salt, gravel, and other abrasive materials on the road. Visit a car detailing shop such as Clean Getaway for Opti-Coat Pro+, as the product is not for consumer use. You may however follow up the coating with Boss Gloss or Lazy Wax by Bowden’s Own for enhanced gloss. All clients that book their car in for Opti-Coat Pro+ get a wash kit from Clean Getaway, which comes with a bottle of Nanolicious Wash to protect your car’s shiny finish.

Don’t forget to treat the trims as well, not just the painted surfaces. Other car exterior features, such as the bumpers, rubber door seals, and plastic door handles, are just as susceptible to winter damage as the rest of the car, so give these the extra protection they need as the temperature drops.

Step 3: Protect your car’s tyres

Your car tyres need some protection, too. Generous application of high quality tyre dressing, such as Bowden’s Own’s Wheel and Tyre Care Pack that includes the Wheely Clean, Tyre Sheen, and Sacrificial Muffy can go a long way toward your tyre’s protection. The Wheel and Tyre Care Pack provides a barrier to the elements that can cause rubber to deteriorate.

Car paint protection on the Sunshine Coast

It helps to have your car detailed by the best in the business to prepare your car for the winter. Take your car to a Sunshine Coast car protection professional such as Clean Getaway and give it the protection that it needs before the cold season starts.

5 tips to protect your car paint in winter,