Many car owners believe that waxing and polishing are basically the same, so they often end up choosing one or the other instead of having both. Unfortunately for car enthusiasts who do this, it’s a huge misconception, and a potentially damaging one at that. Let your Sunshine Coast car detailing pros help you take a closer look at the difference between car wax and car polish and why both of them are equally important to car care.

Car Wax

Car wax is used to enhance paint shine and protect the surface from sun damage, oxidation, and other contaminants. There are two types of wax used on cars, namely, natural carnauba wax and synthetic paint sealant. Each type has its own pros and cons. For instance, applying carnauba wax on a car produces a deep lustrous shine, but it has a short lifespan. Paint sealants last a lot longer, but they generally cannot achieve the rich shine produced by carnauba.

Car Polish

Car polish is a product that contains minor abrasives. This product is designed to remove a microscopic layer of paint surface to reduce if not eliminate the appearance of scratches, etchings, water spots, and more. It can also take care of unevenness on the paint surface, which can be helpful in preparing it for waxing. That said, car polish can only take care of minor defects on the paint job. It won’t fix defects that permeated through the clear coat and other subsequent layers.

So what’s the difference?

Waxes are different from polish in the sense that polish will remove dirt and imperfections, but do not provide any protection. You want to be careful when you polish because if you do it too hard, then you could end up taking off too much paint and expose the primer or undercoat. By using car polish before car wax, you’ll be able to achieve the desired shine while reducing the appearance of paint defects. On the other hand, if you polish without waxing, you leave your paint surface exposed to many forms of damage from external elements.

Polishing and waxing done right

To ensure you get the best polishing and waxing job, contact a Sunshine Coast mobile car detailing company such as Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing.

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