For most people, cars rank as the second biggest investment to make in a lifetime, next to a home. Since buying a car means you have to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash, you need to take steps to ensure your vehicle lasts a long time. Your friendly Sunshine Coast car detailing professionals would like to share with you some tips to ensure your car gives you the most out of its useful years.

Stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule

You’ll be surprised to learn how many car owners out there—even those with brand new cars—fail to stick to their vehicle maintenance schedule as detailed in their owner’s manual. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to follow your vehicle’s required maintenance schedule. This is especially important if your vehicle has a warranty, because your dealer may deny your warranty outright if a problem arises.

Go easy on your start-ups

When a car hasn’t been used for some time, all the oil that lubricates the engine drops down into the oil pan below the engine. During start-up, the oil pump sucks the lubricating oil from the pan and distributes it to the engine’s different moving parts, which can take a 30 seconds to one minute, depending on how long your car was last in operation. You need to give your engine enough time to get fully lubricated, so don’t step on the gas. Instead, keep engine rpm to a minimum.

Drive safely

Driving safe means not pushing the engine too hard and going light on the brakes. A panic stop or full throttle acceleration is acceptable from time to time, but doing so constantly only serves to put too much stress on the engine and brakes.

Get detailed

Car detailing can greatly enhance your vehicle. For one thing, it protects your vehicle’s paint finish, which is critical in protecting your investment for years to come, as it means you won’t have to repaint your vehicle in the near future.

Car detailing in Sunshine Coast

Car owners in the Sunshine Coast who want to give their vehicle a quality detailing service know that they can trust service providers like Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing to provide more than just the basic car paint protection that your car needs.

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