Car interiors are often made of different materials such as fabric, vinyl, and leather. Each material has its own proper cleaning method, so it’s best to know the right method to apply for your specific car interior material to ensure its beauty and longevity.

If your car contains leather seats, know that these require more intricate cleaning methods than any other car seat material. Let your Sunshine Coast car detailing pros show you how to keep those leather seats looking plush, supple, and comfortable.

Start with the vacuum

Regular vacuuming and dusting is the easiest way to keep your car’s leather features looking good. There’s no special science to car vacuuming—all you need is a good vacuum, a few attachments to get to every nook and cranny, and then five to ten minutes to get in there and complete the task.

Clean, conditioning, and protecting the leather

Leather must be carefully cleansed first, then conditioned, and then protected. As leather ages, it loses its factory-applied protectants and becomes more susceptible to damage from dirt, oils, and sunlight. To clean leather, use a clean cloth slightly dampened with water to remove loose dirt, dust, and residue. Wipe off any remaining moisture with a clean dry cloth.

Next comes leather conditioning. A good leather conditioning product to use for the job is Leather Love made by Australian cleaning product company Bowden’s Own. Spray the product 3 times into a clean damp cloth, then wipe your leather seats with it. Use gentle, circular motions to allow the leather to absorb the conditioner. Make every leather surface clean and bright.

Next, apply Leather Guard, another Bowden’s Own product, to strengthen the leather and provide it with added protection from daily wear and tear. Let the leather air dry, then polish it to a buff shine with a clean microfiber cloth.

Professional car detailing in Sunshine Coast

If you want your leather interior maintained in the best possible way, take your car to a Sunshine Coast car detailing specialist such as Clean Getaway Mobile Car Detailing. From interior surface cleaning to exterior car paint protection, these trusted brands can ensure your ride looks good for many years to come.


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