As a business owner, it’s important to maintain a professional look which not only includes the way you present yourself, but also the way you present your car. With meetings and business trips being a regular part of work now days, it’s important that you ensure the cleanliness and pristine look of your car to uphold that professional image and give yourself the best chance of leaving an impression. Car detailing and regular cleaning, however, isn’t something that everyone on the Sunshine Coast has the time to do due to the time consuming nature of such an activity.
For those that are serious about keeping their car detailed, clean and pristine there are a few vital do’s and dont’s.

Don’t use those nasty sponges. Those big yellow sponges you can buy from the supermarket; ditch them. The only things that these are good at is scratching your paint, you’re best off buying a purpose made car washing mitt.
Don’t wash your wheels and rims first, always leave them for last. Your wheels, and rims, are more often than not, the dirtiest part of your car and, washing these first, will simply make your washing mitt and water dirty. If you really insist on cleaning these first, make sure to use a different wash mitt and don’t use the same dirty bucket of water for the rest of the car.
Don’t use house household detergents. Household detergents are formulated specifically for the cleaning and disinfecting of kitchens, bathrooms and household items and, due to the chemicals used, can actually be really harmful for use on a car.

Do rinse your vehicle down before cleaning. It is always good practice to give you car a quick rinse to help remove any loose dirt or dust and soften up any other mess such as bird droppings or tree sap.
Do wash your car in a shaded and cool area to prevent water evaporation which can cause water spots.
Do always give your car a final rinse after washing, before drying it with a shammy, to ensure all soap and dirt has been removed.

Due to the time consuming nature of keeping a clean car you may prefer to make use of car detailing services where you can pay a small fee to have your car cleaned and detailed for you. Alternatively, it may be worthwhile to make use of services such as car paint protection on the Sunshine Coast to ensure your car’s paint job is looked after and well protected from the elements.