Your vehicle is more than just a tool to get you to one destination from another; it is an asset that demands care and attention for it to retain its value. Car detailing is an excellent way of ensuring that a vehicle does not only look good but stays in its best condition and provides great service regardless of age. Getting an occasional car detailing service on the Sunshine Coast will provide the kind of care that may be hard to accomplish on your own due to a busy schedule. One motivation for hiring a professional is that your vehicle will receive detailing in areas you never thought of such as the wheels and tires. Rim treatment is part of the care that professional detailers include in their service.

Some people assume that just because their vehicles will get back on the road, there is no point in washing their rims. However, cleaning the wheels is more than just a matter of appearance. With prolonged use of a car, brake dust accumulates inside the wheels, which can cause several issues because it eats away at any coating on the surface and pits the metal. So, the longer you let brake dust build up on wheels, the further it will damage them, making it necessary to get replacements earlier than you had anticipated.

Brake dust contains carbon fibres and adhesive from the brake pad and metal shavings from the rotor that fly out and land on the surface of the wheel when a driver stops. Over time, these compounds are combined with the heat generated when driving and lead to corrosion of the surfaces, with chrome plated wheels receiving the worst of it. Getting a good rim treatment is the best way to guarantee that your wheels stay clean and safe for use.

Expert Cleaning

Rims come in different materials such as steel and aluminium alloys, and that can make it challenging to determine the most suitable cleaners for your specific wheels. A Sunshine Coast mobile car detailing expert will know the most efficient products that will clean and maintain the integrity of your rims. Anodised, painted or coated wheels don’t have the same strength that a material such as roughcast aluminium possesses; hence, the need for specialised products. Additionally, a car detailing professional will pick the wax products that will leave your wheels shining.

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