To some people, washing the car on a Sunday is a calming activity to relax and unwind, but to many it is a chore that often gets ignored. Washing the family car , but it is definitely a vital one. Read on to learn that ignoring the cleaning of your car can have an array of detrimental effects on it.

Protect Your Investment

By no means are cars cheap to buy, so when you come to the point that you have to sell your vehicle, you want to get as much money back as possible. Keeping your car clean will prevent the dirt from causing nasty scratches to the paintwork and aid in maintaining as much of the car’s value as possible.

Grit in the Winter

The salt that clears the ice away from the roads is great at its job, but salt and water accelerate the formation of rust so it’s vital that it’s washed off as soon as possible. A little scratch in the paintwork can become a hole over time, which in turn is a lot more expensive to patch up than having your car washed every now and then.

Rid the Bacteria from the Inside

Your gear stick, steering wheel, and other knobs and items on the dashboard are all perfect habitats to harbour harmful bacteria, so regular cleaning will prevent you from acquiring diseases or health problems due to microbes. A professional carrying out mobile car detailing in the Sunshine Coast will use products designed specifically for your car so they will strip off the nasty bugs while protecting the car’s interior surfaces.

Fuel Economy

Believe it or not, but a dirty car has more wind resistance than a clean one and therefore uses more fuel; there’s food for thought. Moreover, a clean car lessens the risk of dirt or other debris from entering the engine and other mechanical parts, which can affect the car’s overall performance and fuel efficiency.

Driving Safely

It is vital that you have great visibility when driving and keeping the windows spotless will allow this. It is also illegal for your number plates to be obscured by dirt, so keeping your car clean will prevent a fine.

If the idea of getting the soapy water out is too much to handle, then you can call someone for mobile detailing services who can give your car all the love and attention that it needs to look great and function well.

Reasons to Wash Your Car,