Just like everything else that suffers damage when left at the mercy of dust and grime, your car may also succumb to rapid wear and tear if you skip trips to the carwash. You may think that washing your car and keeping it tidy is just for show-off, but in actuality it has some utilitarian benefits, too, which is why you shouldn’t neglect nor hesitate doing so.

  • It allows you to conduct general inspection and maintenance of your car

    – While you are washing your car, you may also take the time to inspect it for loose or broken parts that might cause some trouble in the future. Make sure the registration plates and frames are not wobbly, the headlight and taillight lenses don’t have cracks, and the mirrors, valve stem caps, hubcaps and antennas are still intact.

Hosing down the tires lets you peek underneath the chassis to see if there are unfastened components that need refastening. You may do the same with the engine compartment. Check for loose cables and remove dead leaves from the water ways. These are issues that you can handle on your own at least as a first aid before finding a mechanic.

  • It prevents dirt from scratching the surface of your vehicle

    – As unassuming as it may seem, the dust that accumulates on the surface of your car does worse things than making your car look unkempt. The wind that your vehicle resists when you’re driving fast pushes this dust against your car’s surface, leaving tiny scratches and swirls that dull its paintwork. Washing your car regularly will keep the amount of this scratching dust at a minimum. If you’re touching your car while there is a film of dust on it, this will lead to scratching or cause swirls in your paintwork.

  • It helps reveal damage on your car’s paintwork that might cause internal corrosion

    – Most of the parts of your vehicle are made of metal. In fact, its exterior is almost entirely made of steel. And steel, although its corrosion resistance has been boosted by its carbon content, still contains iron, which is the main catalyst for rusting. Therefore, there’s a good chance your vehicle’s exterior will rust when exposed to the elements. That’s why automakers ensure they are well coated.

The problem is that your car’s exterior clear coat is not invincible. It can easily get scratched off, chipped or burnt, during which the steel underneath becomes vulnerable to moisture. When you’re washing your vehicle, make sure to meticulously check for damage that exposes the steel underneath your car’s paint and recoat it right away to prevent corrosion from occurring.

  • Regular washing makes washing easier

    – The dust clinging on the surface of your vehicle usually doesn’t get dislodged or blown off on its own. Soon they will catch moisture and latch more tightly until it’s almost impossible to wash them away. Washing your car regularly will reduce their chance of becoming thicker and more difficult to remove. We highly recommend using a spray wax after you wash your car to help keep it cleaner for longer!

What is the best way to wash your car?

There are no set rules to abide by when it comes to washing your vehicle, as people tend to stick to a method that is easiest for them. If you’re super busy and need to leave the cleaning to a professional car detailer, then you don’t really have to worry about this. However, if you’re wanting to maintain your car yourself, then there are a few guides we highly recommend following to achieve the best and safest result! 

Read before You Buy

Car cleaning has become a big deal for car owners that automotive shops now sell all sorts of car cleaning products. Don’t let your excitement trick you into buying anything that seems good as not all of them are all-purpose cleaners. Some may be too harsh for your car’s paint and clear coat if handled improperly. Take as much time as you need to read and understand the label on each product you come across to find the one that suits your vehicle best. It would help if you asked the supplier for advice.

The Three-Bucket Cleaning System

The biggest mistake car owners make when cleaning their cars is soaping and rinsing their cars with water from the same bucket. While it certainly helps save water, it is not a very efficient method because you are just reintroducing to the car the contaminants you’ve just removed. The right way to do it is to have three buckets of water, one filled with clean water for initial rinsing, another filled with soapy water where you dunk your cleaning mitt, and the third one filled with clean water for final rinsing. Rinsing the car before attacking it with the mitt is important because it will remove large, excess dirt that might damage your car’s surface when scrubbed along with the mitt.

Is it ok to wash your car in the rain? It may seem a great idea because you can have free falling water help you thoroughly rinse your car. Besides having no control of the amount of water pouring on your vehicle, however, there are other dangers in using rainwater for rinsing. As you may well be aware, rain these days isn’t as pure as the water that comes out of your faucet. If anything, it carries with it contaminants from all the pollution floating in the atmosphere, which makes it a little bit acidic.

Further Cleaning

Some dirt and stains are quite stubborn. They hold up even to repetitive and heavy burnishing. You can detect these tightly bonded contaminants by running your hand all over your car’s surface. Using a clay bar may help take them out. This cleaning product may even help remove old wax so you can better apply a fresh one. Then you can polish the surface of your car for extra gloss before waxing it.

The problem with DIY cleaning is that you can only do so much with the few tools you have at your disposal. You may not even have the right skill to painstakingly deal with all kinds of dirt and grime on your vehicle. If you really want your car to be thoroughly cleaned, take it to a car and motorcycle detailing shop. They do a whole lot more than just soaping and rinsing. We at Clean Getaway can effectively bring your car back to its pristine self by using the most advanced detailing technology and techniques available. Just ring us up and fill us in with basic information about your vehicle and we’ll find the most suitable detailing service for you!